'Pitch' recap: Season 1 finale ends in disaster

Kylie Bunbury in the Season 1 finale of "Pitch."

Three months ago, as Major League Baseball's regular season was winding down, the MLB-backed drama "Pitch debuted" — and like most new shows it had more questions than answers.

Would the demands of the leading role be too much for relative newcomer Kylie Bunbury to handle? Would "Pitch" appeal to an audience beyond the baseball crowd? But over the course of 10 very eventful episodes, "Pitch" found its way.


As we arrive at the season finale, entitled "Don't Say It," a few important details have been settled. Mike Lawson will not be leaving the team — at least this season — and despite a strong post-All-Star Game push, the Padres will not be making the postseason this year.

Tonight's show picks up with Ginny on the mound in what we would later find out is her last start of the season, and she has taken a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Her teammates are following the baseball superstition of not speaking to a pitcher on such a streak. Ginny is annoyed, but she understands.


From there we flash back to the beginning of the day, with Evelyn waking Ginny up hungry for details about how her date went with billionaire Noah. Ginny, still groggy, is defenseless against Evelyn's relentless attack for information and reveals that things did not get steamy with Noah, but almost did with Mike. Before Ginny could fully explain what happen, Amelia enters and the conversation has to be put on hold.

At the stadium, GM Oscar is receiving some troubling news from numbers guru Ross: Ginny could be in real danger of hurting her arm if she pitches the rest of her planned starts. With all that Oscar has gone through this season with Ginny, he cannot let that occur.

As the trio of Ginny, Evelyn and Amelia leave the room, they discuss Ginny's off-season plans. First is an exclusive one-on-one interview with top journalist and Lawson's ex-wife, Rachel Patrick. Then there are talks of Ginny working on her memoir. Ginny is a bit hesitant about the nonstop media blitz and would prefer an actual off-season.

As Ginny heads to the field, this allows Amelia and Evelyn to continue a conversation from last week's episode about the holes in Will's restaurant plan. Despite Ginny demanding Amelia to stay out of it, Amelia is on a mission to stop this plan before it costs Ginny any more than it already has.

Mike returns to the clubhouse, but not as the conquering hero that he was previously. A quick exchange with Blip (Mo McRae) dispels the rumor that Mike called off the trade to the Cubs. By this time, Oscar has taken his Ginny shutdown news to coaches Luongo and Buck, who are less than pleased with the prospect of pulling Ginny on such short notice. A meeting of the minds with the three aforementioned parties plus Lawson is interrupted by Blip, who has actual experience with Ginny in this situation. He agrees with Oscar to shut her down, going against the thinking of Luongo, Buck and Lawson. Right before this meeting, Mike and Ginny run into each other in the hallway and decide that it's best to not talk about their very conversation-worthy last interaction.

Ginny races up team President Charlie Graham's office to plead her case as to why she should not be shut down, and the numbers prevail — and by numbers I mean ticket sales for today's game, which means Ginny will be benched, but not until she pitches in front of another sold-out home crowd. Disappoint by management's decision, Ginny talks it through with Amelia and Will, who both try to put a positive spin on the situation. Ginny's not interested in any bright side and storms out dressing room, which is still a closet, to prepare for her interview with Rachel.

The interview goes well, but as Ginny and Rachel walk into the hallway they run into Mike for an awkward nonconversation between the three of them. Ginny ducks away and sends a text to Noah, hoping for a make-up date. Meanwhile, Rachel reveals she broke things off with the doctor. Back in Ginny's locker, Amelia confronts Will about his shady dealing and she tells him that he can either tell Ginny or she will.

After not getting a response from Noah, Ginny enlist Elliot for some high-tech snooping to track down his whereabouts. Of all places, they find him at coffeehouse open mic night. Once Ginny and Noah reconnect, they pick up right where they left off, but unlike last time there is not an interruption.

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Speaking of rekindling an old flame — Mike finds his way to Rachel's room. Morning has arrived and reality is setting in for the two reunited couples. Noah wants to whisk Ginny away for her during the off-season and Rachel wants to stay a free agent a bit longer before re-signing with team Lawson.

At the Saunders household, Evelyn tells Blip the flaws in Will's restaurant plan and how they will not be moving forward. Blip reads this as an indication that Evelyn is ready to continue to grow their family, but she informs her husband that more little Blips is not a part of her plan. She still wants to open a business and his support is required. Across town, Will finally comes clean about the underhanded business he is involved in and Ginny, both mad and hurt, tells him he has to go home.

Back in the clubhouse before the game, Mike tries unsuccessfully to mend fences with Blip, but is stonewalled. Amelia is greeted with all of the pent-up frustration from Ginny, and the two of them decide to cut ties.

Now back where we started: Ginny going deep into a no-hit bid, and her pitch count has Oscar call the dugout. In the dugout, tempers are running high because the Padres bats are not producing much. Blip and Mike's alpha male egos clash before everyone regains their focus.

Back on the mound, Ginny is showing signs wear, but coach is committed to letting her finish what could be a historic game. After a great defensive out by Mike, the next play is a bunt that goes to the third base side. Ginny give chase, snags it and throws across her body to first base; the runner is out. Before we can celebrate just one more inning to a certain level of baseball immortality, we see Ginny on the turf hold her throwing arm in pain.

With all of the steps that got Ginny to this point, is this how is it going to end? Our first glimpses of Ginny showcased her nerves of steel; the last could be of her possibly broken arm on an MRI machine.


There is plenty of uncertainty to go around, as "Pitch" has not yet been renewed for a second season. Whether or not it does, this has been a worthy journey and I have appreciated your company every step of the way.