Ali Larter and Kylie Bunbury in the“Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects” episode of "Pitch."
Ali Larter and Kylie Bunbury in the“Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects” episode of "Pitch." (Ray Mickshaw / FOX)

For seven weeks now, "Pitch" has consistently tossed a late episode tease that tips us off to what the next week's show will be about.

Last week, after a great win in San Francisco, a reporter casually leaned over to Mike Lawson as he walked out of the locker room and asked him if he had heard about the Padres putting him on waivers, which could put him one step closer to another team. This week's episode, entitled "Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects," picks up with Mike, who was not claimed off of waivers by another team, and his agent discussing what's next for the Padres team captain.


Despite being able to pick his next team, Mike is resolute that he wants to stay in San Diego, but there are some not so subtle suggestions that some in management feel like his most productive days are behind him. Either way, with some pretty serious rain clouds on the horizon  —literally and metaphorically — Mike is focused only on playing his next game in the same uniform he has put on hundreds of times at this point in his storied career.

A rain delays is giving these creatures of habit some extra time, and it is not being used well. Mike is snipping at Ginny, while Amelia is left to ponder why she was moved from her typical seats to the box seats with the wives and girlfriends.

GM Oscar Arguella and team president Charlie Graham, after briefly talking about unethically influencing the grounds, continue their conversation about Mike Lawson's future. Oscar explains that if Mike is going to leave, the player has to believe that it's his idea. Back in the clubhouse, coach has decided that the rain could end Ginny's day if it doesn't wrap soon, and Mike's day is over. Oscar comes down from Charlie's office into the clubhouse to plant the seed with Mike that he wants to move to another team. Mike rebuffs Oscar, saying it is not the right time or place.

Ginny's brother Will shows up out of the blue sporting a pretty nasty black eye. Amelia's spidey senses come to full attention as she tries to figure out the root cause behind this surprise visit. Will said that the shiner was just the result of a misunderstanding with a business partner.

Even with the rain not showing signs of letting up Ginny and Duarte continue you to go over hitters and learn more about each other. Charlie Graham shows himself to be brazen enough to challenge Mother Nature and the heads groundskeeper, only to be told by the latter that he was out of his depth.

Blip, being the voice of reason, suggests Mike use this delay to talk to Oscar about what is actually going on. After talking to Luongo and Arguella the harsh and sobering reality that the Padres are preparing for a tomorrow without him lands on Mike like a ton of bricks. Reacting to the pain, Mike lets them both know that he will give them a final decision by the end of the day.

Still processing his options, Mike brings out an old rain delay clubhouse tradition of Kangaroo Court, where teammates have the floor to air out grievances with each other big and small. What starts out as fun quickly takes a serious turn as Mike and Ginny are on the opposing end of a judgment call. Mike storms out and Ginny, being a dutifully protege, follows to apologize — only to have Mike undo all of the trust they have been building for months by placing everything that has gone less than perfect about this season at Ginny's feet. Ginny, confused by Mike's sharp turn, is reminded by Blip that the losing seasons can chip away at even the most rock-solid guys. Oh, and finally the rain is letting up, so it is time for Ginny to warm up.

Quickly, three secrets come to light. First, Will is not here to surprise his little sister after being away for so long, but to pitch her on a sports bar idea that will unquestionably need a boat load of Ginny's cash. Second, Arguella has not only been using his poker face with Mike Lawson as he figures things out, he has been using it with Luongo — Arguella he has been dating Luongo's daughter on the hush-hush his daughter. Third, Ginny has a teammate (Omar) who has a crush on her.

The third secret is completely out of left field. Besides the killer line about Ginny humming Katy Perry so out of key it is unrecognizable, I have no idea why the show would go down such a rabbit hole.

Getting back to the first secret, Ginny, Will and Amelia briefly talk about the bad sports bar idea. Ginny backs her brother in front of Amelia, but confronts him for putting her on the spot with such a half-baked idea. In the process, Will reveals that he came up after Ginny's bad start and was sent away by Amelia. Naturally, this has Ginny seeing fire and she sends flames toward Amelia for doing the right thing in a way that only feels wrong in retrospect.

There's 20 minutes until the game resumes, and in that period the Kangaroo Court is reopened and Blip settles the issue between Mike and Ginny. Amelia and Will have a brief and tough talk about what's best for Ginny. Oscar keeps his president from an MLB investigation on tampering. Mike patches up things with Ginny and Mike also selects his next team — Chicago. There is so much to tie up in just two episodes, but I think that going to make a fun and wild ride to the finish.