'Once Upon a Time' recap, Just in time for Frankenstorm

While Regina continues to try and stop using her magic in an attempt to win back Henry's affections, she begins seeing what she believes is a ghost from her past.
While Regina continues to try and stop using her magic in an attempt to win back Henry's affections, she begins seeing what she believes is a ghost from her past. (ABC)

"No, not magic. Science," Frankenstein says, as he brings his brother back to life during a convenient storm. That's right, "Once" fans. Dr. Whale was revealed to be the infamous mad scientist in this episode titled "The Doctor."

I'm pretty sure Frankenstein doesn't fit in with storybook characters like Snow White and Cinderella, but alas the writers needed something to make this a Halloween-themed episode.


The ogres are coming! The ogres are coming!

Emma and Co. arrive back at camp, where literally everyone is dead and heartless (literally). Well except for Killian, who adds some testosterone to the group. Killian comes up with a story that viewers knew was fake, as we last saw him scheming with Cora who has renewed her hobby of ripping out people's hearts. Emma knows something isn't adding up, so she holds a knife to his throat.

The group ties Killian to a tree and everyone forgets to use their inside-voices, which attracts the ogres. Mulan wants to leave him as a snack for the ogres, after Killian tells them Cora wanted him to gain their trust so she could learn more about Henry's storybook.

As the group is about to leave, Killian says he'll help them get back to Storybrooke without Cora, by getting a compass. It won't be that easy though, as we learn at the end of the episode that the compass is at the very top of a beanstalk. Who's excited to see Jorge Garcia (Hurley from 'Lost') play a murderous giant next week? I know I am. Emma better have plenty of Apollo candy bars.

Tomb of hearts

I have to say I really felt bad for Regina tonight. She's been going through self-rehabilitation for magic abuse, seeking therapy from Jiminy and getting bothered by everyone in Storybrooke. This includes Dr. Whale, who interrupts a therapy session and demands that Regina send him back to his land so he can be with his dead brother. Seriously guys, leave Regina alone.

Regina reveals that she only brought the popular characters to Storybrooke and of course her dead fiance Daniel, who she later sees standing in the rain alive. Is she hallucinating?

Earlier she tells Whale that she preserved his body with an enchantment spell and kept his body in the mausoleum, along with her heart collection. She later discovers his body isn't there and determines that he is alive. Dr. Whale has something to do with it.

Via flashback, we see Regina getting a lesson on using magic for evil purposes from Rumpel. They practice on a horse that Regina has immobilized, which actually looked pretty cool.

Regina can't bear to rip out the animal's heart but Rumpel doesn't hesitate to tear out the glowing red ball. RIP, horse. Later, Regina and Rumpel get into an argument after she tells him she wants to bring Daniel back to life. In this show's least subtle "Lost" reference to date, Rumpel tells her "dead is dead." Rumpel is indeed the Ben Linus of "Once Upon a Time."

Jefferson is back! The Mad Hatter gives Rumpel a magic ball, after Rumpel basically told Regina she had too much of a heart to be evil and was essentially a waste of time. Jefferson, however, is keen on helping Regina bring back Daniel.

Jefferson tells her he can bring her a wizard who will revive her fiance, but only if she gives him a magic passport or in other words, a hat. If only it was that easy in real life.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina finds Whale in his mad science lab and he's missing an arm. Again, there's no blood. I'm having issues with this. Why don't these characters bleed? Are they all ghosts? Is this going to be a repeat of "American Horror Story"? Anyway, Whale tells her that Daniel is indeed alive except he cut of his arm. That boy is a monster.

At the hospital, Regina tells Charming what Whale did and she thinks rogue Daniel is headed toward the stables. This happens to be where Henry is, who is talking to his horse. That's not how you make friends, Henry.


Henry's horse kicks him because he talks to much, and then Daniel appears and grabs him by the neck. Regina arrives in the knick of time, but she is then attacked herself. After almost choking her to death, Daniel gets his wits back after she says she loves him. He tells Regina that he's in pain and it's time to let him go. Regina finally does the right thing and immobilizes him, turning him into dust. Woof. Regina has had to deal with her fiance dying twice now.

Whale, who looks ridiculous with one arm, tells Rumpel at his shop that he thought if he helped Regina, she would help him get back to his land to try and save his brother again. Whale needs magic. In the blink of an eye, Rumpel reattaches his arm.

Through flashback, we see that Rumpel and Whale are in cahoots in fairyland. Whale purposely failed to revive Daniel and really just wanted a magic heart, which he gets from Rumpel. Whale says he needs the heart to revive his brother and that his abilities are more powerful where he's from. He takes the heart back to his land and performs his experiment. A hand moves. Whale is Dr. Frankenstein. And I'm not sure how this will factor into the rest of the season, but whatever floats your boat.

Fairy dustings

Charming punches Whale for sleeping with Snow when no one remembered who they were. Not cool.

Evil Queen Regina refused to rip out a horse's heart but didn't hesitate to rip out the heart of some skank Rumpel was training. Regina: Animal Rights Activist.

In another unnecessary and boring Charming/Henry side plot, Charming gives Henry a white horse and wants him to horse-sit. This will form a bond between Henry and the horse, and apparently the horse will tell Henry when he's ready to become a knight or something. Doesn't Henry think it's weird that his grandpa is in his early 30s?

What purpose does Sleeping Beauty have on this show besides to stand around and annoy everyone?

Best line

"When they say I charge an arm and a leg ... that's meant as a figure of speech."

-Rumpelstiltskin to one-armed Whale.