'New Girl' recap, The hipsters next door

This week's episode of

New Girl


opened up with a scene that everyone is very familiar with: You come home after a long day only to find your roommate watching classic '90s sitcom on the couch.

Jealous? Yeah a little bit, but then you remember you have a lot more money to spend that weekend, so you kind of get over it.


So Jess is still in a rut -- that has been made clear throughout the first few episodes this season. But this week we actually see that the roommates are getting slightly worried for her. I mean c'mon, she works at the Casserole Shanti and wears a visor. The only people who seem to get Jess are the new neighbors.

Chaz, Phifer (Fifer?), Sutton, and Brory are 20-something hipsters that just moved into the adjacent loft. They made the wrong move of introducing themselves to the gang and calling Mr. "Sup, Schmidt" old.

Schmidt is obsessed with proving that he is still young (and growing every day). Though the hipsters automatically hate Schmidt, they accept Jess with open arms. She is too is just "figuring it out."

They think she is smart because she knows how to turn on the dish washer, and they think she is funny because she has "original" catchphrases like, "Did I doooo that?" and "How rude!"

Side bar: I am in my early 20s, and I am not offended about the slacker stereotype depicted in this episode, but I am horrified that these people lack necessary pop culture knowledge.

There is no way that these kids have never seen "Full House


don't know who Urkle is or how to pronounce his name, and most importantly how the hell have they never seen "Top Gun"?! There is no excuse to not know that "there's two 'O's in Goose." Anthony Eds forever!


As the new neighbors have Schmidt feeling old, Nick and Winston figure that the only way that they, as his best friends, can help him is to prank the crap out of him. Nick is clearly a born prankster, he changes Schmidt's contacts, shaves the heel of every left shoe Schmidt owns to be 1/8 on an inch shorter, and makes him think he is shrinking through some seriously insane effort in messing with Schmidt's growth chart.

Winston on the other hand either thinks to little or too big. Sprinkling the shavings of Schmidt's heels near his car is just kind of littering and not really a prank, whereas pouring acid on his face while he sleeps is more of a felony than good ol' fashioned fun.

All the talk about youth, it's clear they each have their own struggle with their age:

Schmidt will always desperately want to stay young and hip. To his relief he finds out that the kids don't hate him because he is old; they hate him because he is an asshead.

Winston realizes that life is too short to be stuck as an assistant and takes a stand. He eventually gets promoted to producing his own radio show between 2 a.m.-4:30 am. Prime time for truckers baby!

Jess likes growing up and wants to "crush it," but she just needs to get back on the horse.


Nick is an old man and has been since the age of six. He is finally aging into his personality.

This episode was hilarious, so if you found yourself laughing through half the show here are some of the best lines you might have missed:

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"Today I got a locker, and in 18 months I am going to roll into to some pretty sweet dental coverage." -- Jess, on the perks of her job

"Classic cologne fight." -- Winston in the midst of Schmidt and Nick's fight over Old Spice

"Hello robot sex" -- why he wants to live until he is 123-years-old.

"Turn that nonsense down!" -- Little Nick yelling at the ice cream truck from his lawn


"Let's pour a little juice near her shoe." -- Little kid Winston's big prank idea.

"I was under budget" -- Nick after he told Jess he spent $1200-$1300 on pranking Schmidt.

What'd you think of the episode? Will those hipsters be around all season or forgotten? Leave your comments below. And follow me on Twitter, @AwesomeAMT!