'New Girl' recap: Meet Nick, aka Jess' 'Fluffer'

Guys, that was an awesome Nick and Jess episode, so let's just get into it.

After last week's back-to-back episodes, Jess decided that she was going to be a new woman, and that meant casually sleeping with a really, really, good-looking man named Sam. There is only one problem: Jess has no idea how to navigate the emotionless waters of the Booty-Call Bay.

This episode definitely brought the funny, but it also had a subtle introspective plot. Yes, on the surface, this episode was about Nick being Jess's emotional fluffer, Schmidt pretending to be Tuck Romney and Winston spending half his day fantasizing (i.e. staring at girls like a serial killer) about cheating on his girlfriend, but considering this is only the third episode of the season, you could tell the season is really rolling.

So what is a fluffer you might ask? Well apparently it has to do with porn, and it's someone, who keeps, well, the actor ... going between takes. Anyway, wise Winston insists that Nick is Jess' fluffer after they accidentally go on a date and Jess leaves him midway to meet up with Sam.  

Side bar: That average-sized Thermos of white wine that Jess snuck into the fancy restaurant would never be enough to get either of them wasted. I mean come on, these two compete in True American! They can hold their liquor.

Winston lays the harsh truth to Nick the next day: He is Jess' boyfriend with none of the benefits. In the middle of wholeheartedly denying that Jess and he are anything more than just friends, Jess gets Nick to take her Ikea. C'mon dude, some girls date guys solely to have someone to put together their Ikea furniture! You are her platonic boyfriend.

Finally getting fed up, Nick takes a stand and refuses to put together Jess' new dresser, which she only needed after it fell victim to a midnight tryst with Sam. Nick and Jess have a classic verbal spat in which they both try to convince the other, and themselves, that they would never work out. Nick walks away, leaving Jess with her box of 19 pieces of wood, 34 knots and 35 bolts.

When Jess meets Sam to prove that she doesn't need Nick as a fluffer, she realizes that she kind of does.  After this "a-ha" moment, she goes back to the apartment to find Nick putting together that stupid dresser. Confused and frustrated, neither wants to mess up what they have at the moment. They are both denying their feelings, and I think that they are going to keep pushing their feelings away until someone screws up royally — (cough) Nick (cough) — and has to grovel for forgiveness.

Throughout the episode, Schmidt pretends he is Tuck Romney to score with a Republican girl. Some would think he was just getting really into the character because he is Schmidt, whereas CeCe can see that father-less Schmidt was just enjoying pretending he was a part of a huge family. However, no matter how much Schmidt studied the Romneys in one day, his knowledge about his surrogate family couldn't one up pissed-off sorority girls armed with Google.

While Winston was handing out sage advice to Nick, he was taking terrible advice from Schmidt. He was fantasizing about every girl that crossed his path this episode, from Jess to CeCe, and not at all about his girlfriend. He thinks that they are in a rut, when in reality, they are in a sinkhole. The future is not bright for Winston and Shelby. I think it's time for Winston to be single and for the guys to have some fun, Jess-less nights.

This week was filled with awesome rewindable moments, so here are some of the best lines you might have missed:

"I forgot what you look like when you're not dressed like a loft troll." — Nick with all the smooth words to Jess

"Winston, I thought you were better than this." — CeCe as Winston pretends to be Schmidt's Secret Service agent

"I'm sure it's like the real Olympics, only the white people win the sprints." — Schmidt discussing the Romney Family Summer Olympics

"I didn't know you were on the fence about the Louisiana Purchase, Jessica." — Nick's comeback while he and Jess fight

"Then we just laid there, like two old people in The Notebook, waiting to die." – Jess

"Never Adele. No concerts, no music, no T-shirts." — Winston helping Nick set boundaries in his relationship with Jess.

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