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NBC Thursday Comedies: Makeovers and Ugly Hats

While Greendale updates its outdated commercial, Tom and Jerry upgrade the Parks Department's brochure. Andy takes Dundler-Mifflin on a field trip and Whitney gets a handicapped dog.

"Community": The Board of Trustees grants the Dean $2,000 to film a new commercial, seeing that the old commercial featured parachute pants and Blossom-style hats. He lets the commercial spiral out of control and leads himself to the brink of insanity while Abed captures it all in his own documentary. Some highlights from the Dean's mental demise include Jeff in a bald cap, Troy and Britta's increasingly obvious sexual tension and a glimpse at the Dean's surprisingly nice bod. Also, Luis Guzman, a Greendale alum, imparts some serious wisdom on the Dean, leading him to a very disturbing (picture the Dean naked in the fetal position covered in the ashes of his college degree) but at the same time, very touching revelation. Side note: There is still a possum living in the Dean's office.

"Parks and Recreation": Leslie has her eyes set on the title of Smallest Park in Indiana, while Tom and Jerry revamp the Park Department's brochure (and when I say "revamp", I really mean "pick out a new font"). Tom is deadset on using the Sopranos font, complete with a pistol for the letter "R" and includes a always appreciated Steve Harvey shout-out in his justification for that choice. Andy is also shopping for college classes, although it is "one of the most significant bummers" of his life that there are no lasers in his Introduction to Lasers class. I understand his disappointment. Of course, the logical alternative to Intro to Lasers is Intro to Women's Studies, which Andy, April and Ron all agree on as the right choice. Why? I have no idea. In the end, two moments melted my heart- Ron offering to pay for Andy's education and the Leslie-Ben reunion. Absolutely adorable. P.S. I think Tom and Jerry really pull off the trucker hat look.

"The Office": I just have a couple questions for this epsiode: In what world is a trip to Gettysburg relevant to managing a paper company? In what world is a trip to Gettysburg enjoyable for anyone? Where can I get a "DM goes to GB" hot pink cap so I can also throw it in Gabe's face? Is Gabe Abraham Lincoln reincarnated? Will he ever stop giving me the creeps? Was Schrute Farms really a gay paradise during the Civil War? So many unanswered questions. All I know is that, although the Andy-Jim fight got heated, everyone still loves Andy (even though he really is not a good manager) and Kevin is secretly a genius. 

"Whitney": Lisa Lampanelli makes a guest appearance, although instead of being a loud-mouthed, offensive, judgmental stand-up comic, she is a loud-mouthed, offensive, judgmental Christian puppy shelter owner. Much to her chagrin, she allows Whitney and Alex to adopt a handicapped puppy. Is that okay to joke about? Also, Neil, the scrawny Indian, and Roxanne, the blonde grating divorcee, not only share a painfully awkward kiss, but there is a crotch grab, too. Yikes.

In other news, "Community" will be put on a hiatus and replaced with "30 Rock" for the midseason schedule #sixseasonsandamovie #savegreendale #savecommunity. Also, "Whitney" is swapping timeslots with the Christina Applegate-Will Arnett comedy, "Up All Night," moving from Thursday to Wednesday. #thankgoodnessIwon'thavetoblogaboutWhitneyanymore

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