New York as it should be taken: With a helicopter you can sprawl on. And maybe a jumper, too.
New York as it should be taken: With a helicopter you can sprawl on. And maybe a jumper, too. (E! Entertainment)

I have to be honest. I have mixed feelings about even watching these episodes with Kris Humphries in the mix, when I just know that divorce is looming. Still, I’m not even sure what side to take with this whole baby situation, which is the major focus of this week’s ep. Kim wants a baby but doesn’t want to stall her career. However, it doesn’t sound as though having a nanny is a viable option either. Then, there’s the whole thing about where to live. In one scene, Kris points out that Kimmie agreed to compromise on where to live, splitting the year in half. But now, she refuses … refuses to live in Minnesota at all. Is this the fraud that Kris is alleging in the separation documents? 

Eventually, my celebrity doppleganger, Kim Kardashian decides that she’s over the idea of getting knocked up, at least for now.  Even though it would make for a great TV show brought to you by the letter K, Mama K (and Lala, superstar in her own right and wife to Carmelo Anthony) had it right: It probably makes sense to hold off on kids for a while.  Look, that word actually starts with the letter K! Now, Kim has to go back and convince the other Kris of this sudden change of heart.  I’m sorry, I cannot keep up with the Kardashians right now! It looks as if this story is going to carry over into next week.

Again, not sure how I feel about any of this this, given the fact that the tabloids are already covering the details of their separation. *dries tears*

In other news, Kourtney and Scott go from not sharing a room to threesomes and back. OK. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against Internet porn, but I’m really not going to go there with this skit part of the episode, if that’s OK. I’d rather get back on the baby situation and talk about how Kris H. asks Scott for his two cents on fatherhood. Seriously? Seriously. In his response, Scott alleges that he works and subsequently misses spending time with Mason. Hang on. Scott works?  This is also news to me. Maybe we will see some of that in the upcoming episodes.

Oh, I cannot wait to see the drama with Jonathan Cheban next week. A tell-all book about Kimmie? Sounds sKandalous! I mean, she told him to “shut up” – so we know that next week is going to be a good one!

I’d like to note that, on average, it usually takes only nine months to incubate a baby, not 10. On average. And, where do Kim and Kourtney get the pajamas that make you magically wake up with full-on makeup? I need those in a size two, please. Thanks!