Khloe teaches Scott something about parenting.
Khloe teaches Scott something about parenting. (Bravo)

This episode starts with too much drama. I really can't keep up. Let's see … Kourtney and Scott are not sleeping in the same bedroom, surprise. (However, in real life, Kourtney is clearly on baby #2.) Then, Kim and Khloe "are so competitive with one another" according to Kourtney, and the three sisters ultimately get into a conversation about it. More to come later.

While we're here, let's also pretend that the Dubai episode all of a sudden informs the general population that Kris Hump and Kim Kardashian weren't meant to be together. Pause …. Chuckle .... We move on.


So, when this week's episode really starts up, we see Kim moving Hump's belongings out of the apartment. Did everyone catch that?

Later that day, Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban meet up for dinner and admit that they like to snort. They really did say this. I think they were talking about what happens when things are really funny.  Feel free to roll back the tape if you must. They also discuss the drama that Kim has with her troll sister Khloe. The voice of reason that he is, Jonathan Cheban convinces Kim that, well … "you called her ugly, so I can understand where she's coming from" – not like he's ugly or looks like a troll or anything. So that totally makes sense.

Later, Kourtney admits that it is awkward that she and her baby daddy don't sleep in the same bed. Actually, she didn't say that. But she did say that it's awkward that the two sisters haven't spoken to each other for such a long time. We have the voicemail messages to prove: Kim calls Khloe a troll. Again.

Kris Jenner steps in and informs Kim that she's acting like a high school student and urges her daughter to reconcile this situation. Kim retorts: "I'm not gonna do that right now." After some press work, etc… Kourtney tries to convince the sisters that this drama needs to stop. For what it's worth, I agree.

"Come on, babe. Let's go, dude." – Someone, at some point, said those exact words.

Then we skip to the real issue: Instead of apologizing to her sister for being total jerk to her for … months/ three epidsodes in a row … Kim blames her behavior on the fact that she married when she really didn't want to. Seriously, Kim realizes things aren't that great between her and "the Hump" Kris Humphries.

Ugh, it's only 10:30 ET, and I still have to keep watching this. Hang in there with me, readers

Later, Kourt decides to let Scott come into bed with her …  "if he can last all night long." Apparently, he does, and they are making out at dinner later on. Someone who looks like Lady Gaga (but I'm fairly certain is not) joins the dinner party. Meh.

Essentially, the episode ends with everyone *finally* realizing that Kim was mean to her sister because she didn't really love her husband. Oh, and Mason ALWAYS had a bandage on his forehead. What's up with that? And, that's pretty much it for this week. See ya next time!