You guess which one plays basketball.
You guess which one plays basketball. (E!)

Part two of the season opener kicks off with a discussion about Malika's boyfriend, Adrian Wilson, a player for the Arizona Cardinals. We try to figure out whether Rob (or the rest of the Free World) actually cares about this situation. The jury is still out on that for now. Also, we also see Lamar dealing with insomnia, brought on by the NBA lockout … still getting no specifics about the move to Dallas.

Later on, Khloe and Malika go on a walk and discuss the potential "baby mama drama" situation. Malika accuses Khloe of judging her for being in a relationship with a married man who has children. What nerve?! In retort, Khloe only points out that Malika always said that he would never put herself into such a situation. Even still, Malika storms away and recaps the situation with her twin sister. Malika later flies to Arizona to visit Adrian, who explains that they should just focus on their relationship with each other. Even though he seals it with a kiss, Malika isn't convinced. She explains her guilt and tells us that she is very concerned about "how his children may feel" — perhaps for the cameras in case the relationship doesn't work out? Just throwing that out there.

Back in Los Angeles, Khloe tries to slip some melatonin into Lamar's drink, to help him fall asleep. His late-night antics of eating snacks and playing video games in the wee hours of the morning have to stop. Kim Kardashian even chimes in to provide some much-needed relationship advice. Let's all listen up! After Khloe is unable to stop yawning at an all-day photo shoot, Kim tells Khloe that Lamar's insomnia is getting "out of hand." In an attempt to control the situation, Khloe tries to give Lamar a cup of hot tea that could potentially lull him to sleep. However, Lamar wants no parts of these sleeping aids or potential "roofies" as he calls them, fearing an impromptu trip to Thailand resulting in a tattoo on his face. I hear ya, Lamar – I'd take the same precautions!

At the end of the episode, Malika confides in Khloe and tells her she broke up with Adrian. Told ya so! Khloe is proud of her friend, and the two are still besties. Lamar's insomnia continues for the moment, but he lets Khloe sleep and calls his friend, Jamie, over for some video game action.

In the end, we still hear no word of Lamar's move to Dallas, aside from a few teasers based on future episodes. It looks as though we'll just have to keep tuning in to get the full scoop!