'Jersey Shore' recap, Snooki's baby shower

Snooki and Jionni at the baby shower.
Snooki and Jionni at the baby shower. (MTV)

Not sure whether it was because last week's holiday-hiatus or that this episode was really that good, but I think it is one of my favorites of the season.

It was a perfect melodrama filled with resentments, plotting, surprises, dance battles, confrontations and a blast from the past (who should have stayed there). I was entertained the whole way with little to no eye-rolling, which means Deena was a well-behaved meatball.


The main event of the episode was the surprise "Shore Shower" for Snooki. Throughout the episode, the housemates wrap gifts, send Snooki out on date nights, keep her out of the baby store and tell her they have other plans.

I felt bad for Jionni for a moment because he had to be apart of the plans and Snooks got a little peeved at him because he didn't want to go baby shopping with her. However, I slowly lost that sympathy when he was off playing softball how many days a week instead of being with his PREGNANT FIANCE (yes, caps were necessary).


The other housemates' level of annoyance continues to rise as well with his less than stellar daddy-to-be performance. Ronnie has been very verbal about it, but now JWOWW plans on having a chat with him about never being around.

Snooki says she does not want to nag him, and loves that he has a sporty-hobby ("It's hot!"). But honestly, it's not nagging to want to be with your baby-daddy/fiancé more than once per week during your pregnancy. After all, he is the one that did this to you (joke).

At night, the gang goes to Jimbo's for dinner and then Karma, while Deena and Snooki have a sober, fancy, meatball-date.

Paula ends up at Karma as well, looking hot in a floral-print dress, and plays it cool to Mike but seems on the brink of tears when talking to the girls of the house. She is still sad about the breakup and the ever-empathetic Situation is already chatting it up with other girls right in front of her. I felt for the poor girl.

To their dismay, MVP strikes out. Not sure whether it was due to a bad hair day or Paula's c-blocking, but they head home alone — not before Jenni shows up the awful Go-Go dancer who dances "like her mom." Like Vinny said, "She basically said 'F--- you' without saying it out loud." You go girl!

The next night, the crew heads to Merge, a club they have never been to and the guys are excited to hunt a new population of chicks that "better be 100 percent DTF." Shocking.

In a hilarious moment, Jenni has a dance-off with her friend Jesse, and while "getting low," she rips her pants right down the back of her butt. She knew it right away and ran to conceal her assets up against the stage.

You see her continue to dance the night away but it's never address what happened to her new, slightly-drafty booty-less chaps. Let's face it, as women, this has happened to most of us ... and by that I mean, our "friends."

The next O-M-G moment was when Jenni spots Angelina at the club. Shockingly, she came up to the group and apologized to the guys one-by-one. You wanted to believe it was real, until she kept apologizing and apologizing 1,000 times, and never excuses herself from the group.

Right then and there, it clicked. Angelina, the trashy former roommate from Staten Island, was not apologizing because it was eating her up inside. She apologized because she wants to be all buddy-buddy with a cast that has now filmed six seasons of a popular reality show, are rich and famous, and she is far from it.

Word to Angelina: No one liked you when you were on the show. Every time you threatened to leave, we all cheered and hoped that you would. You were not cute. You were trashy, loud-mouthed and too two-faced for anyone to like. We don't miss you. Stay gone and unfamous. (End rant.)

To much their dismay, MVP strikes out again – almost. The crew stops at Steaks on the way home for some food and Vinny walks home instead. On his way there, the sweet and celibate Vinny was approached by two, hungry females. He politely invited them back and was determined to turn over his C-Card for a threesome.


Whether it was a bad hair day, or the fact that Roger and Jenni were actually getting it in in the Smush Room, Vinny didn't achieve his goal. One of the girls left, and he did not get it in with the other. Poor Vinny. At this point, he is trying to give that card away.

Vinny attempts to explain the dry spell of two days by saying, "We're just not going to put up the numbers like we used to," comparing the group to famous basketball players.

The next day is the baby shower the girls have long been planning for, and everyone wakes up on the brink of hangover-death.

JWOWW tells Snooki that she and Roger are going out on a date night and the roomies say that they want to go to Rivoli's for Sunday Dinner. Snooks is bummed but goes along because "it's something to do."

The rouse works and Snooki is so surprised to see her friends from back home that she starts crying. It really was an "Aww"-moment. However, the lovely shower quickly goes from warm and fuzzy to silent and awkward.

The episode ends with Vinny approaching Jionni and asking him if he can speak to him outside in private. I was very happy that Vinny decided to step up and approach him to send his congratulations and apologize, even though he doesn't feel he has anything to apologize for. As he said earlier in the episode, "She hopped in my bed, and I did what any guy would do and hooked up with her."

Things I Learned on This Week's Episode of "Jersey Shore":

• Ronnie likes to put on a gorilla suit and scare people while they are sleeping.

• Vinny will give up his C-Card for a threesome, and of course – Spanish chicks.

• This is the first baby shower the guys have ever been to, and the first where two of the four need to apologize to the fiancé for hooking up with the baby-mama. (Aw, Poor Snooks, that sounds so Jerry Springer.)

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