'Jersey Shore' recap: Episode 10: The Situation confesses

'Jersey Shore' recap: Episode 10: The Situation confesses
The Situation. But you already knew that. (Ian Spanier Photography / MTV)
We've been waiting for "The Situation" situation, the ultimate showdown between Snooki and Mike, since Italy. The culmination of all the underlying tension that wafted through the vintage shore house occurred this evening, and all I have to say is this: It's about f'ing time!
Tonight's episode starts where it left off last week, with Mike catching Jionni alone, which is a rarity. He came out for a glass of water, but he ended up getting a little more than that ...
Funny thing is, there was no immediate reaction from Jionni. He actually laughed about it to Nicole, saying he didn't believe him. I'm actually in shock that there was so little of a reaction from him. And that he actually thinks that Nicole didn't do it. I still think she did it.
The guys in the house have a round-table discussion about "TSs." They all come to the conclusion that Jionni doesn't care if it actually happened because there is a good chance that he is hooking up with other girls behind Snooki's back. They also agree that the relationship is a joke. I also side with them on that.
Sunday Dinner turned into a massive food fight between the roommates, but the tension between Mike and Snooki cannot be hidden in the friendly condiment fire. 
The girls get the great idea to go camping before the summer is over. With the list of supplies that they came up with, including hair gel and nail glue, I don't think that the great outdoors is the best place for the guidos.
Everyone is still giving Deena grief for talking to Too-Hot-For-Her Joey. He's definitely not into her, and she probably should let it go, but lonely girls will put up with some crazy stuff just so they aren't guy-less. Every girl has been in a situation like that, and if you say you haven't been, you're lying.
The roommates finally talk Deena into ditching Joey, who is more upset about the gas that he wasted driving to the shore than her fake sickness (created by Pauly). 
Most of the house heads off on a camping excursion. Pauly and Vinny, however, stick behind to pull off the prank of all pranks: rearranging the entire house.
Side note: All of MTV's plugs congratulating Snooki, along with the centering of the finale special around her pregnancy and engagement, are not helping the rumors of all of this being a publicity stunt. Obviously she is pregnant; the engagement, however, seems forced. Stepping off of my soap box now.
Back on the camping trip, we discover that Mike is a pyromaniac; Or, according to Deena, a hermaphrodite. Because they are one in the same.
Word of the Night: Brainspan, courtesy of Ronnie, whose Brainspan is apparently quite small.
Join me next week for the finale of this season ... and perhaps the whole show!