Deena proves especially clownlike in her pursuit of Joey.
Deena proves especially clownlike in her pursuit of Joey. (MTV)

Happy March, y'all. We were treated to an early "Jersey Shore"episode this week, when we all learned that Snooki was said to be carrying a new member of Team Meatball around in her tummy. Assuming the rumored baby is Jionni's (which I believe is the story), what would he be thinking as he watched this week's episode, where "The Situation" Situation is sure to go down?

The single crew heads out to Jenks for a night of drunken debauchery. It looks like a promising night for the guys, as Pauly and Mike both find girls right off the bat (and also miss an Angelina altercation). However, they end up striking out: Mike's lady friend, who looks as if she could be using a fake ID, wants to cuddle; Pauly's New York girl, Gina, is being visited by Aunt Flo, so they had to reschedule.


Mike does a good deed for the day and orders the house breakfast. However, his good deed is counteracted with bad karma when he tips the delivery guy with a protein shake.

It's Jenni and Rodger's one-year anniversary! Of course, she wants to make it as romantic as possible: full of bondage, tasty gels and leather. A trip to the Love Shack is in order.

The girls have a strange feeling about Joey, the unfortunate Yankees fan who is way too hot for Deena.  I have to side with them on this -- I think he is hooking up with her only for TV time, and because she is a sure thing. I highly doubt that there is a future between them.

Vinny and Pauly decide to take a stand against the couples who have been using the Smush Room, so they move the bed out to the deck. Jenni had big anniversary plans for the Smush Room, so you can imagine what her reaction was.

As the crew gets ready for Karma, Vinny decides to break out his new Jert (jean shirt). I have never seen a shirt that mimicked a picnic blanket before tonight, and I am from South Baltimore.

Jionni's parents are at Karma … Why?

"The Situation" Situation is destined to go down tonight. Snooki has done a great job of avoiding Mike and The Unit when she has Jionni in tow; however, I don't think that she will make it out of this evening without a confrontation.

Deena's looking very clown-like tonight. It's obvious that Joey is not into her. Advice: Stop being a Sammi and following him around while you're drunk to start a confrontation.

The Unit is hideous. I can't believe that he gets women. I also can't believe that he got arrested for walking down the street drunk. It's not like he was peeing in public.

Mike gets Jionni alone. Here we go.

Of course, they hold out on "The Situation" Situation for yet another week. However, I believe that we will finally have a resolution to the situation as of next episode. Catch you next week!