'Jersey Shore' recap: Episode 6

'Jersey Shore' recap: Episode 6
JWoww: Why so insecure about Rodger? (MTV)

Another week, another episode of "Jersey Shore." Does anyone else feel as if watching it has become more of a chore than an enjoyable escape from everyday life?

We keep getting teased into thinking that the following week's episode is going to turn the season around. I thought for sure we were going to see some sort of action between Snooki and Mike, as we have been waiting for it since week one. Nope – Another dud!


Here's the rundown of this evening's "JS":

Mike calls "The Unit" yet again, and finds out that he is in Miami, meaning the confrontation between him and Jionni will have to be delayed yet again.

Vinny is ready to get his man-skank swag back, so he scouts out the talent in Aztec, which he basically described as a human foot locker, complete with the raunchy smell. He falls for a lesbian, who is not interested in switching teams despite Vinny's valiant effort. However, his unwashed sheets will not remain cold that night. Deena strings along a girl that he initially met that night, who claims that she is not DTF … Apparently Vinny changed her mind.

Mike keeps playing up the fact that he is a nice guy and has changed his ways, blah blah blah, womp womp womp. Dude, you are a lying, greasy fool, and your roommates see through your crap. Give. It. Up.

Team Meatball decides that boozing it up on the boardwalk would be more fun than working at the Shore Store, so they do the dip: not once, but twice. I understand that Danny probably gets paid very handsomely by MTV for allowing these fools to work in his store and live in his beach house, but he needs to lay down the law. He obviously cares about his business, and you can't run a business properly when you have employees who just don't care. Danny will never fire the girls, but he sure does love to pull the "scary boss" act for the viewing audience.

The Jenni & Rodger saga continues. I have to admit, I am Team Rodger here. I understand that it sucks when you can't see your boyfriend as often as you like. However, he's never given Jenni a reason not to trust him. If she is upset that he spends some time with his friends and shows her displeasure by hanging up on him like a 12-year-old girl, then she has issues that run deeper than their relationship. She shouldn't be taking her anger out on him.

Did anyone see the mini-clip of Snooki putting makeup on her rabbit furry head, which she has named "Lola?" Wow.

Pauly's super stalker was my favorite new character. At first glance, I thought that Danielle (the woman responsible for the "I Love Jewish Girls" shirt) was making an appearance again.  It was incredibly creepy when she sat outside the Shore Store in her "Cabs Are Here" shirt with her Pauly D airbrushed hat, then behind him while walking the boardwalk a little later, and eventually in the bar where Pauly and Vinny were shooting pool. She looked incredibly young and was more than likely a harmless fan. Still … weird.

We find out that Deena's older sister and Mike's older brother have gone out on a couple of dates (or Smash-N-Dashes). Deena's sister must be quite a bit older than she, as Mike is pushing 40 himself.

Words of Wisdom by Deena: "A leopard never sheds its stripes."

Word of the Evening: "Vivabevolent" – Team Fun was very vivabevolent while they Jersey Turnpiked on bars and hooked up with barely legal vacationers.

Thanks for checking in again this week. I promise I will be in a better mood next week, as Rodger starts off next Thursday with a stern tongue lashing of Miss JWOWW.