THE SKINNY: There was more drama between Mike and Nicole and the Hook-Up That Won't Go Away. Sammi was right for once, saying, "Who cares if they hooked up?" Wine bottles were thrown. Feelings were hurt. Blah, blah. Truthfully, the drama was exciting for a few seconds, but quickly went stale. The best part of the episode was the cast finally leaving the house (and not for the bar). The boys visited Vinny's Sicilian family, while the girls went on wine tours and, of course, fought. No matter where they go, the drunk arguments follow. Is this season over yet?

Now, on to the best part ... the crazy quotes:


"Crazy pants! You're f---ing crazy pants!" — Snooki after hearing Mike was spreading more hook-up rumors about them

"She's like the 'Fugitive' right now, and I'm harboring information." — Mike's response

"Let me call my boy, Unit ..." — Mike, and this is included just to point out the SItuation has a friend called 'The Unit'

"My master plan is Gym, Tan, Who's the Rat?" — Mike, determined to find out who's talking behind his back, sounding extra diabolical

"When people function in the morning this early, this isn't real life to me. It feels like a video game ... Oh my god, I just saw a nun! I've never seen a nun before." — Snooki's pre-noon observations. It was a whole new world to her.

"Como se dice, 'This sucks b---s!" — Snooki looking for the right Italian words after a huge bottle of Chianti broke in her bag.

"I've roomed with Vinny before. I know what it sounds like when he gets in. I know what goes down, and, uh, they got it in." — Pauly D on the Snooki/Vinny hook-up

"This is the best day of my life on the camera." — Pauly after snapping a picture of a young Vinny from a Christmas card

"Cool, history, boo! Like, I'm not into geography anymore. Give me f---ing wine." — Snooki, clearly bored with the wine tour

"If you loved him, you wouldn't have done that with Vinny." Jenni calling Snooki out. Truthbomb!

"I was right there, so I'm thinking in my head, 'She did sex' but I'm not going to put her on blast like that." — Deena, who was in the room during the Vinny/Nicole hook-up

"You're supposed to sugarcoat it to make me happy!" — Nicole, upset with Jenni for keeping it too real while not understanding how adult friendships work

"I can tell you this, he changed his Facebook to 'Single'." — Snooki's dad telling his daughter the harsh online reality

"I'll give you another chance. Just don't f--- me over." — Jionni making a possibly poor decision, especially after he hears ...


"You're going to hate me. Remember when I told you what happened with Vinny? Something more happened. I don't even want to say it. We had sex." — Nicole to Jionni, aftering finding out she had sex with Vinny. Cliffhanger!