'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: 'Frank's Brother'

Frank's brother Geno pays the Gang a visit this week. Again, this week's episode lacked much depth or originality. The entire story revolved around Frank and Geno's flashbacks, making everything one- dimensional. I almost didn't want to write this recap, but I have hope in future "Sunny" episodes. So in this week's recap, we'll try to highlight the best of it.

Best way to make a hoagie: Remember when you were a kid, and the coolest way to make chocolate  milk was to consume both and mix it in your mouth by shaking your head really hard? Well, imagine the nirvana of flavor involved in creating a hoagie in your mouth by shoving meats, cheese and condiments in your mouth all at once.

Frank can also be seen throughout the episode stuffing pickle spears into his face.

Wow, Frank is an old looking 19-year-old: In a purposefully awful flashback, we learn about Frank's mysterious youth. Geno, a bookie for an all-black jazz club in North Philly, calls in a favor with the club owner –Reggie- who owes him money after bad horse bets. Frank's "Dream Job" involves mopping up puking a bussing tables – hmm, sounds like college.

Best bar name ever: Shadynasty – that's Sha-Dynasty, not Shady Nasty. The love of Frank's life, he drives her home from the club one day and opens up to her about his dream of owning an intergrated
bar one day — check.


Frankie and Geno open up their own club one day with the money from Geno's gambling ring. Reggie, unhappy about the duo stealing his best lady, pays Frank a visit. Geno beats Reggie down with a baseball bat and does some hard time for it.

Attempt at irony:
Geno gets two years for beating down Reggie, an African-American. Reggie, gets six years for receiving the beat down. Later on, at Geno's welcome home party, Frank shoots Reggie, thinking he was about to attack his brother.

Those were the times: Everytime Frank or Geno says "Those were the times," to explain the blatant racism allowed in the '60s and '70s, the Gang interprets their tone as one that misses those times. "[sigh] Those were the times."

Oh, that's kind of like "The Godfather" but written terribly: After shooting Reggie, Frank has to lay low in South America for a while. Geno scores him a job as quality control for his Columbian drug cartel. Frank writes home to Shadynasty every day, but in an attempt to steal her from him, Geno destroys  Frank's notes.

The story behind Danny Devito's baldness: At this point, I'm just crossing my fingers waiting for "The League" to come on. But homesick Frank has developed a cocaine addiction and in an attempt to
come back to Philly has to wade off his sickness. Upon returning to the states, he discovers his beloved club is turned into a drug den and his beloved Shadynasty has fallen for Geno and developed her own

Finally it's over: A flat ending to a VERY flat episode – Frank and Geno, amidst choking each other out, go to try one last hail-mary play for Shadynasty, who they find at the airport getting ready to leave. Shadynasty, who has not aged well at all and put on about 50 lbs from the flashbacks – is about to leave
on a plane with her mystery lover.

Grossly predictable moment in 3…2…1…: Her mystery lover is REGGIE, and guess what kids, Reggie gets arrested by TSA for doing nothing. A flat ending for a flat episode, but in hindsight — if I were to get arrested by any governing authority, I'd never let the TSA take me alive, that's like getting arrested by your little brother.

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