'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: Episode 9

The Sunny Gang reprise one of their new season staples – taking classic movies and try to relate their lives to it. Similar to last year’s Lethal Weapon remake, the Gang drew inspiration this season from Indiana Jones.

The Gang sneaks into a couple’s home to retrieve some sort of an artifact by people who are unfit to hold it.

Best Dennis/Dee Exchange:

“I regret you getting quadruple onions on that burger,” Dennis said.

“Well it’s not every day I get stuck in a closet with you,” Dee snapped back.

Mac on the sociological sprawl of Southerners: Please, do not let Jordan Bartel read the following:

After realizing the couple is souther, Dennis grows concerned. Mac and Charlie, who are staking out in a van outside, begin wondering why southerners could be found in Philly

Those carpet baggers come up north so they can steal our artifacts,” Mac says while eating a hoagie.

Theories of Lunatics – to the dismay of Dennis; Frank and Dee begin gathering clues on the unnamed wife. Besides lying to her husband tripping the security alarm, the two raid her suitcase for clues. After stumbling upon 15 tickets to tapings of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, their suspicions grow because nobody wants to see Leno one, let alone multiple times.

Bottom line, she’s either banging him or she’s still pissed about the whole Conan thing and wants to ice him.

The Chips are off the table: When staking out in a van with a fat guy, he will NEVER relinquish potato chips, especially if he’s Mac. Some advice Charlie, from a fat guy’s point of view, you should have bought chips back at the burger shop.

Speaking of fat guy moments – Charlie runs into the house, in what he believes is creating a diversion, and Mac runs back to the burger shop drive through. I understand completely.

All Hell Breaks Loose – Turns out the wife is having an affair,  but not with Leno. Her new hubby wants to take her and their daughter to Disney Land, but the father finds out what’s going on and confronts them.

Fed up with the whole situation, the Gang just waltzes right out in plain sight. Decent episode, B- at best, probably C+ in reality.

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