I'm not quite sure how to process everything that happened in the season premiere of "How to Get Away with Murder."


The last half hour dropped so many bombshells you would think Shonda Rhimes was at war. Rhimes knows exactly how to suck us right back in to the drama.

First, it was who killed Lyla? Then, it was who killed Sam? Seven months later and we finally know who killed Rebecca. Viewers were forced to wait through half the show before it was finally revealed that Bonnie killed Rebecca. That, Annalise's lesbian history and the dramatic end of the episode made for one hell of a season opener.

The premiere picks up 10 days after we last saw the Keating Five and a new semester has begun. Annalise discusses how statistically we are more likely to be killed by someone we know than a complete stranger as we catch a glimpse of how Rebecca died. Her mouth duct-taped and plastic bag over her head, Rebecca suffocates to death.

Later, Annalise and Frank scheme over how to take care of Rebecca. Frank thinks Wes did it, but then again Frank thinks anybody could have done it. Seriously does this guy know anything?

They decide to let the Keating Five assume that Rebecca disappeared; after all, she had been threatening to run away. It's surprising that the five prospective lawyers don't think anything suspicious is going on, considering their history working with Annalise.

New character alert! Meet Eve (Famke Janssen), a death penalty attorney and old "friend" of Annalise. Annalise hires Eve to help Nate out in the case of her husband's murder she framed him for. I'm sure many people don't understand Annalise's logic but we don't need to because she is going to keep surprising us.

After talking with Nate, Eve realizes Annalise is repeating an old pattern of manipulation and we get some needed insight into Annalise's past. Eve confronts Annalise saying she doesn't get to use people like this and that there is no good inside of her.

Meanwhile Frank is still trying to figure out who killed Rebecca. I'm not going to lie — I'm not too torn up about Rebecca's death. She was always a bit of snake and was playing Wes all along. Frank is so convinced that Wes is the killer that he is following him and tracking his activity online.

Laurel shows up and Frank's door late at night not for a late night love-sesh but because she is convinced Rebecca is dead. Frank and Laurel have so much awkward sexual tension that they are almost destined to be together. But because Frank's mind switches faster than a little kid in a toy store, he is now convinced that Laurel is the killer.

Annalise stops him, saying, "You've got the wrong girl."

Finally, 40 minutes into this episode, it's the moment we've waited seven months for. Annalise knocks on Bonnie's door and you know it's about to go down. Just as we think we are about to get a dramatic scene between the two, we are transported back to the night of Rebecca's murder, with Bonnie alone in the basement with Rebecca.

Rebecca says she's just scared and won't tell anybody anything. Bonnie doesn't buy it. Bonnie tells Rebecca bad things happen to her, too, except she doesn't use them as an excuse and play the victim card. She doesn't believe that Rebecca didn't kill Lyla and tells her, "You need to go."

So Rebecca is killed and Bonnie walks up the stairs looking like a ghost, as if she lost any humility she might have had.

Back in present time, Bonnie claims she was only helping Annalise, yet Annalise calls her a monster just like Sam was. Bonnie continued her reign of messing up. Bonnie, you're doing too much, go home.


Annalise flees to visit Eve in New York for solitude where she admits she ruins everyone in her life. Eve confesses that Annalise ruined her when she left her for Sam.

Next thing you know the two of them are passionately making out. I for one did not see this coming. Is this why Annalise is so overly sexual in her other relationships? Is it because she is just sexually frustrated from her past?

In couple's news, Connor and Oliver are still happily together despite Oliver testing positive for HIV last season. In fact, Connor shows he's all in by moving in with Oliver. Asher and Bonnie are still going strong in the weirdest pairing on the show, a pairing Asher accidentally revealed to the group himself, a slip he immediately regrets. He lectures himself, "Freaking dumbass Asher."

Oh how I've missed those fratboy comments.

The case of the episode involved two adopted children whose wealthy parents turn up dead. Annalise initially does not get the case, but thanks to some evidence tampering from Bonnie and Laurel, the defender is fired and Annalise steps in. Annalise takes the Keating Five minus Asher out to a club to let loose and relax before they begin working on the case.

No one seems to actually be enjoying this club bonding experience, however. Michaela is receiving texts from the Eggs 911 of last season's finale, and in a parking garage of an unknown location, Asher is dodging questions from the prosecution about Eve. The scene ends with the aunt from the current case turning up dead in her car with a slit throat.

Again, Annalise reminds us that we are most likely to be killed by someone we know than a stranger.

Fast-forward two months and we are in the dead parents' mansion. Wes is seen fleeing the mansion at night. The camera cuts to Annalise gasping for air as she bleeds out through her stomach.

And that's it; episode's over. I'm sorry, WHAT?

Annalise can't die. Viola Davis just won an Emmy for the role! Shonda has a reputation for killing off her most beloved characters, so who knows who will survive this season.

But would she seriously kill off her main character?