'How to Get Away With Murder' recap: Who killed Wes' mom?

The "How to Get Away With Murder" writers really love to make viewers question everything they know about this show.

This week's episode was no exception. There was a surprise hookup, multiple make-ups and someone might be transferring out of the program. Oh yeah, all of this while the entire Keating clan is getting blackmailed by who everyone is assuming to be Philip.


Video in hand, Connor arrives at Annalise's house demanding her to help with Phillip. Annalise is still holding her grudge for the group walking out on her and initially won't help them. After all, Annalise is not even in the video. so she is technically in the clear. Connor begs and pleads until he finally apologizes for walking out on her.

"Finally you remember your manners," she coos at him and summons the rest of the group to the house.


Frank and Laurel continue their break-up, both of them crying hysterically. Laurel just wants to know why he killed Lila. You can tell how much Frank just wants to tell Laurel the truth and that he loves her. It's killing him inside but he can't say anything because Annalise rings.

Laurel ignores the phone calls and flees to Wes' apartment. After he tells her about the Charles Mahoney file, she decides they are going to Cleveland for answers about his mother. The two dig through court documents and medical records and with the help of flashbacks, we finally get some answers about the mysterious trial.

The Mahoney family business was under suspicion for fraud and embezzlement. The prosecution believed that Charles's fiancée caught wind of this and was going to report them so he killed her. Luckily for Charles, he had an alibi in Wes' mother, Rose.

Rose is the office cleaning lady and claimed she spoke with Charles the night of the murder. Her biggest concern in testifying was that she will be deported and lose her son, Christophe/Wes. Annalise assured her that it wouldn't happen and got her to testify anonymously in a separate room. However in the courtroom, Rose did not appear via video chat to testify. The Mahoney patriarch, Wallace, confronted Annalise with sexist, racist and all-around arrogant comments and mentioned that they will have to do something about Rose.

Wes puts the pieces together. The Mahoneys killed his mother and staged it as a suicide. Annalise felt guilty for allowing this to happen so she looked after Wes. That is why he was admitted to law school at the last minute, why she accepted five students to work for her instead of four and why she still protected him after he killed Sam.

Damn, maybe Annalise does have a caring bone in her body after all.

Laurel finally breaks down in the car about her fight with Frank, claiming he is just like her father. Apparently Laurel had a rough childhood so all of the horrible things the group has done does not affect her as much.

Wes stops Laurel, telling her she is not a bad person after all she has been watching out for him. The two get closer and closer until the kiss that no one asked for, that nobody wanted, happens.


I literally screamed, "Ew!" at my television.

It was weird and uncomfortable and went five seconds too long. Wes and Laurel realize they never should have kissed and break apart. I really, really don't want that to happen again.

Back in Philadelphia, the remaining group — Annalise, Bonnie, Frank, Connor, Asher and Michaela — try to figure out what to do about the video. It's a good sign that Phillip sent it to them instead of the police because they can choose to ignore it.

Not so fast. Connor gets another chilling email with another video demanding $1 million within 36 hours or else it will be sent to the police.

Annalise wants information about Phillip so she brings Michaela to the Hapstall house to talk to Caleb. They convince him to go to jail to speak to Catherine. Catherine is pissed at Caleb for talking to them. She says she might have killed her parents because Phillip was the brother she always wanted.

Wait, what? That doesn't even get addressed as the group is still trying to figure out what to do.


Bonnie suggests just turning themselves in. She wants to know what's worse: jail or living in this web of lies. Annalise, accepting their fate, talks about how she never wanted kids and that now she has five, it's the worst thing to happen to her.

So what happened to her baby in the flashbacks? Of course we don't find out. Why would the writers want us to actually know something?

Knowing that the next day is doomsday, Annalise instructs the kids to "go out, have sex, get drunk and do whatever it is that makes them happy."

Easy for Michaela; she goes right over to Caleb's house. She wants to be there for him – aka: she wants to go to pound town with him. They talk at first with Caleb admitting he doesn't know what to believe anymore and that he misses Michaela. That does it and the two of them start hooking up. Finally! A couple I like is back together!

Asher tries to get back with Bonnie but she turns him down. Connor decides he wants to transfer to Stanford and wants Oliver to go with him. Okay, these two are pretty damn cute together, too. I don't think Connor has the guts to leave Annalise though.

Annalise, too, wants to enjoy her last night so she has Nate over. She tries to be all cute, dressing up and making him dinner, but Nate isn't buying any of it. The two argue before Nate yells at her that he forgives her. They hug before heading to the bedroom.

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The morning after, Annalise tells Nate about the video while viewers get lost in Nate's abs. Seriously it should be illegal to have that many abs.

Nate informs Annalise to wait it out because negotiating with craziness is never a good idea. And that's exactly what they do. The group bizarrely counts down to the deadline as if it's Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Asher erupts into his frat boy dance moves … just as another email arrives. This one shows Annalise and Nate from the night before which means Phillip is watching them now. Who knows who or what else Phillip is spying on?

Laurel bursts in demanding to speak to Annalise. She pulls out a police document from Rose's death with the initial report citing a homicide by a young boy.

"Did Wes kill his mother?" Laurel asks her.

Flashback to Rose on the ground covered in blood with a young Wes hovering over her with a bloody knife.


Did Wes do it?? We (should) find out next week, but who knows if we actually will. Is Phillip the one blackmailing the group or could it be someone else? With only three episodes left this season, answers should be getting revealed left and right.