'How To Get Away With Murder' recap: Wes' dad's identity and the fate of Annalise's baby

If tonight's episode of "How To Get Away With Murder" was just the one before the finale, then who knows how crazy next week will be. Tonight's installment finally gave us the answers we've been waiting for. The major hookup, Annalise's baby drama, and her hold over Wes were all revealed. And we got some surprises we didn't even know we were missing.

The episode picks up just where we left off. Annalise is fighting off Philip as she is on the phone with Eve. The badass that she is, Annalise is able to escape. Nate assures her that the police are searching for Philip the best they can. How the police did not catch him is beyond me. Annalise was literally on the phone when he attacked her.


Back at the house, everyone is understandably freaking out over Philip's assault. Annalise announces that no one will be going anywhere by themselves until Philip is captured. Eve tries to have Annalise tell Wes what's going on, but Annalise is not ready to deal with that just yet. Michaela is bugging because Caleb is apparently missing. Um… excuse me? That beautiful blue-eyed man is not allowed to be missing. And we don't even get an explanation. Not okay, Shonda.

Assistant District Attorney Denver has called in the Keating group for questioning because they are all visible in the video Annalise gave him. Denver tries to go after the group's weaknesses. He accuses Connor of looking smug in the video to which Connor replies it's just his resting bitch face. I've never related to Connor more than right now.

For Michaela, Denver goes after her relationship with Caleb that she meticulously denies. He tries to relate to Laurel by speaking Spanish to her, but she shuts that down real fast. Wes just flat out lies, saying he was in New York, which Denver somewhat believes. As they leave, Connor says, "Good luck screwing me 'cause you're not really my type." Boom. Mic drop.

Bonnie lets Frank know that she knows he killed Lyla. There is definitely something going on between these two but I can't figure it out exactly. Whatever it is, it should stop. They leave the basement looking all suspicious, so Annalise rolls her eyes and says, "Don't tell me you two are boning." Clearly Annalise is not putting up with anything tonight.

Frank sneaks a bottle of vodka into Annalise's office, and she starts pounding back shots as if she's on Spring Break. Asher feels guilty for getting the whole group into this mess and apologizes for ruining their lives. Bonnie quickly ends the pity party saying, "Stop apologizing. We're all bad people. That's the only thing we have in common."

That is arguably the truest statement on the show. If you think about it, all the characters are crappy people. Four out of seven of them have killed someone, not including Annalise, and who knows what secrets she still has.

Denver interviews Asher, and it's pretty clear that Asher is lying. Denver has a witness placing Asher in the parking garage at the time of the murder. Looks like the Ash-Man could be getting into trouble. The group is still moping around the Keating house unsure of what to do with themselves. Oliver asks what happened to Flaurel (Frank and Laurel), and I'm immediately disappointed I did not come up with that couple name myself. Asher tries to make it about himself and talk about Basher (Bonnie and Asher), but since that name clearly sucks, it doesn't stick.

Speaking of Bonnie, she confronts a drunk Annalise about Wes. She wants to know why she keeps protecting him. Annalise has had enough, stumbles out of her office and slurs to everyone. She tells them that her house is not a homeless shelter and that they should go seize the day. Carpe Diem! Everyone except for Wes. Because with some liquid courage, she is finally ready to talk to him. Drunk words are sober thoughts, after all.

Asher, Michaela, Laurel, Connor and Oliver take Annalise's advice and get wasted at the bar. Michaela is drunk dancing all over the place, which unfortunately resembles my sober dancing. Asher joins her on the dance floor as Connor and Oliver have a serious talk. Oliver reveals that he has quit his job and kind of wants to start working for Annalise. Connor immediately shuts that idea down. Michaela stumbles out, drunk dialing Caleb, and Asher follows. He makes a stupid comment about Philip killing Caleb so he lets Michaela hit him. The hitting turns into kissing, and the two are headed to pound town in the bathroom of the club. Always classy, that Asher. The previews had amped this hookup to be "the hottest one yet" but I didn't think it was anything special. Maybe because it involved Asher and I can't take him seriously.

Meanwhile, Annalise and Wes are having their much-needed talk. Throughout the episode, there were flashbacks leading up to the birth of Annalise's son. Annalise tried to get Eve to admit Rose's death was a suicide, but Eve refused. Annalise made the call herself to admit the suicide, risking her license. While driving to the courthouse, Annalise is hit by a car running a red light. The impact is intense, as Annalise practically flies out of the car. She is rushed into an emergency C-section because doctors cannot find a heartbeat for the baby. Elsewhere, Sam is doing some weird role-play with Bonnie to help her ask out a fellow classmate causing him to ignore the hospital call. When he does finally answer, he rushes to Annalise's side.

Viola Davis probably just won another Emmy for her reaction to her son being stillborn. It's raw and emotional. Tears flow everywhere. Annalise holds the lifeless baby, and all she can do is apologize to him. Sam arrives and does not really have the reaction I was expecting. I can't tell if he's trying to be strong for Annalise or if he's actually incapable of feeling any emotions because he does not react at all to the sight of his dead baby boy. Annalise blames herself, saying if she had never taken the Mahoney case this would have never happened.

In the midst of all of this, the most inconsiderate doctor in the world wants to take a picture of the family. Annalise can't even look at the camera she's so distraught. Just give Viola the Emmy right now.

Back in present time, Annalise does not tell Wes any of this. She instead tells him how she got involved with his mother. Wes still questions her, wondering why she is still protecting him. Annalise reveals via flashback that Wallace Mahoney is Wes' father. As if Wes couldn't get any more messed up.

Annalise figured out that Wallace was sexually assaulting Rose and that she would lie for him because he had so much power over her. Wes leaves to go stalk his billionaire father. Looks like Wes could get rich through all of this.


Laurel shows up drunk at Annalise's house wanting to know what happened with Wes. Annalise refuses to tell her, but Laurel says that Annalise has ruined all relationships for her. Her relationship with Frank is done because he killed Lyla for Annalise. By the look on Annalise's face, it's clear that she didn't know this. Alarmed at the truth that Frank killed Lyla, most likely for Sam, Annalise packs up and runs off to her mother's house. I can't even begin to predict what will happen in the finale. Maybe the Philip situation will be resolved, and hopefully Caleb makes it out alive. One thing's for certain: there will be plenty of surprises.