Annalise Keating sure knows how to pick them. She preys on those with parental problems and manipulates them until she has absolute control over them. Case in point, Wes, Asher and Bonnie all have to face their issues. In tonight's "How to Get Away with Murder," we learn one simple rule: Trust no one.

As always, we begin with the night of Annalise's shooting. She is being rushed through the emergency room and it is Frank who bursts through the doors playing the role of the "concerned husband." He quickly leaves though, driving his car to an unknown location with Catherine Hapstall seemingly dead in the back seat. Wait, what?!? What the hell happened that night?


Rewind two weeks and Frank and Laurel are tangled up in the sheets. Frank is pretty proud of his performance but Laurel reminds him he gets "less and less sexy" with every new compliment he gives himself. Get over yourself, Frank. He suggests they save water and shower together but Laurel refuses. "I don't think my legs work yet," Laurel says. Thank goodness for the new eye roll emoji because that line just earned a whole bunch of those. Laurel decided to snoop on Frank by searching his phone and various items but comes up empty.

At class that day, Laurel snaps at Wes because he got in her head, making her crazy, thinking Frank had anything to do with Rebecca's disappearance. Michaela agrees, taking it further, threatening to "serial kill him." Guess she hasn't gotten over the fact that Wes knew the truth about Levi.

Annalise manipulates Asher in front of class except he is the only one who knows what she is doing. She discusses a case that was thrown out because the defendant refused to testify due to "emotional abuse." We catch a glimpse of Annalise's conversation with Asher the previous night. Annalise uses the video of Bonnie's childhood abuse to show why Bonnie killed Sam. Remember, Bonnie is only saying she killed Sam to protect Annalise and the rest of the students. She gets Asher to change his mind and not testify, so Annalise agrees to protect Asher.

Annalise assigns the Keating Five to look into possible suspects in the Hapstall case because the siblings claim to be framed. Annalise does not get a chance to search herself, as a fellow professor is calling for help. Professor Jill Hartford has killed her husband in what appears to be self-defense. At least that is how Annalise sets it up. Police arrive at the house to see clear evidence of a struggle and reveal that Jill used to be Henry before her transition. Annalise notices that the crime scene seems a little too perfect and calls out Jill for lying. Jill admits to exaggerating only because the police will not believe a transgender woman unless evidence is overwhelmingly obvious.

The district attorney also notices this as well as Annalise's phone call to Jill before the police were called. Because of the length of the phone call, the D.A. concludes that Annalise helped Jill create the crime scene and could charge Annalise as an accessory to the murder. They also do not believe this could be categorized as a hate crime. Apparently the district attorney does not think domestic violence against a transgender woman is a hate crime. He just became the worst district attorney ever.

Panicked, Annalise demands Frank and Bonnie pull any records they have of Asher's corrupt father. How does Annalise have all of these records just lying around her house? Bonnie pleads with Annalise not to go after his father because Annalise promised she wouldn't. But it is everyone for themselves at this point. Annalise gives the files to the D.A. so he can take down a top federal judge, if he promises to not press charges against Jill and go after Sinclair for threatening Asher. If you ask me, Annalise had no other choice, and everyone is protected here. Jill is excited to start her life as the free woman she is.

The Keating Five arrive at the Hapstall house to determine a suspect. After all possible suspects turn out to have an alibi, Wes suggests they look into Caleb and Catherine's birth parents. Michaela immediately dismisses the idea, as does Caleb. Connor catches the chemistry between Michaela and Caleb and reminds her that she is single and she should "hit that." Plus he's innocent…maybe. Miconnor is back! I'm with Connor on this one. How could Michaela say no to Caleb's eyes? Laurel notices that Catherine's iPad has been recording all of their conversations. Catherine recorded the group to find out what the law students were saying about them since they were caught lying. As you would expect, Annalise is furious over this. How could the students be so dumb as to talk about their clients when they were literally five feet away? Also it was not like the iPad was hidden, so it was a basic clueless slip up for the Keating Five. Annalise dismisses them, calling them "garbage."

Wes is quickly becoming my least favorite character on the show. He is so miserable and whiny. Wes even convinces Laurel to confront Frank about the storage unit and Rebecca. Frank admits to putting the cash there because Bruno told him about Levi and the gun. But this is all good, as Frank is happy everyone is finally being honest in this house.

Nate cuts off any relation he has with Wes because he is mourning the loss of his wife. Annalise goes to visit him with a peach cobbler, but Nate refuses to open the door. In his apartment, Nate is falling apart, a rare sign of vulnerability on his part.

Connor enlists Oliver to hack into the adoption agency to find Caleb and Catherine's birth parents. However, he finds another Hapstall. Aunt Helena, the dead aunt, gave a baby boy up for adoption and had been transferring money to an account in the Cayman Islands. This unknown cousin just became suspect #1, with the motive being a share in the family's fortune. "For once these fools did something," Annalise praises her students. Caleb and Michaela share another adorable moment where he pretty much asked her on a date. Make this happen, Shonda!

Nate allows Annalise to visit and admits he gave his wife the pills to die. He tells Annalise, "no apologies could fix what you took from me." Because of her, Nate missed valuable time with his wife when she needed him most. He held Nia as she fell asleep and took her last breath. As a final shot to the heart, Nate tells Annalise no one will love Annalise like that.

Frank finally steps up and takes Laurel to meet the real him. He actually ambushes Laurel by taking her to meet his entire family. Come on, Frank! A girl needs a lot of notice before she meets Mom and Dad. Frank comes from a big Italian family and they talk over dinner. As a Philadelphia native, I can confirm that this is such a typical South Philly Sunday dinner. Bravo, Shonda.

Bonnie meets with Sinclair in a parking garage. I guess Sinclair hates her office because why else would she have weekly meetings in sketchy garages. Sinclair throws the flag up and declares that Annalise has won. She tries to give Bonnie the file about Tiffany Howard so Bonnie can learn who Asher really is. Bonnie refuses, even after Sinclair utters the phrase "gang-raped." Oh boy, there is no way Asher can get out of this one.

Annalise and Wes meet at Nate's and travel back to Wes's apartment. The two get into a heated argument about trust and Rebecca. Annalise brings it all back to Wes's mother's suicide. This is why Wes can't trust women -- because they always leave him. Annalise tries to assure Wes that she will never leave him. I think this relationship is bizarre. I cannot figure out Annalise's obsession with him.


Oliver reveals to Connor that he did a little bit more hacking to discover who this long-lost cousin is of the Hapstalls. His name is Phillip Jessup, and Oliver hacked into his computer. Or so he thought. Phillip is watching Connor and Oliver talk about him through Oliver's computer. The hacker got hacked! Phillip looks scary and could cause major damage in the future.


The episode ends with Frank receiving Rebecca's body from Bruno and burying it. We fast-forward to Frank carrying Catherine's body to what appears to be the same woods. This time, however, an officer finds Catherine just as she startles awake. Could Frank have drugged Catherine so she wouldn't see Annalise get shot? We are only three weeks away from the winter finale. Next week, Eve returns, and she is sure to stir the pot.