'How to Get Away With Murder' recap: Season 2 finale full of shocking twists

Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet? Nope? OK, me neither. Two people bit the dust, family secrets were revealed, and the Hapstall case was finally solved in last night's season finale of "How to Get Away with Murder."

To be honest, the episode started off pretty slow. But if you blinked in the final 20 minutes, you most likely missed a major plot twist. Let's recap.


Annalise had fled to her mother's house in Memphis after the news that Frank killed Lyla. Apparently Annalise does not make it home much, as her room is still the same from when she was younger — filled with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston posters. Her mother, Ophelia (played by the fabulous Cicely Tyson) throws a huge welcome home party, which Annalise can only roll her eyes at. Her mom refers to her as Michelle Obama — and by the look of Annalise's arms tonight, this is highly accurate.

Right off the bat, it is clear there is major tension between Annalise and her father. Her father was a deadbeat dad who was constantly leaving her mother and beating her, according to Annalise. But now he is back with her mother, much to Annalise's annoyance. Any chance she gets, Annalise takes a dig at him.


Back in Philadelphia, Nate informs the Keating firm there has been a warrant issued for Annalise's arrest. Oliver hacks into the system to find the warrant and what Annalise is going to be arrested for. However, certain information has been redacted, which leads the group to conclude there is an informant. With the possibility if a rat among them, the group is on edge.

Nate arrives in Memphis to convince Annalise to deal with this head-on but it quickly turns into a "meeting the family" ordeal. As you can imagine, Annalise wants no part of this but Nate is as charming as ever. Ophelia is all of us in this situation, gawking at Nate every chance she gets.

While Nate is dancing in the living room with the rest of her family, Ophelia complains to Annalise that she should've given her a grandchild, making it clear that Ophelia does not know about the death of Annalise's baby. Wait, what? Don't you think Annalise would have told her mother about something so traumatic? Plus that means Annalise would have not seen her mother for at least a year.

Annalise drops the baby bomb on her mom but quickly disappears to dance with Nate. Annalise and Nate share a cute moment outside and she entertains the idea of meeting Nate's family, as well. Maybe these two are on their way to actually being a happy, normal couple.

Ophelia is waiting to discuss the baby but also blames Annalise not coping with her baby's death, for Sam's death, and her being shot. As always, Annalise runs away from her problems and goes right to bed. But she can't hide for long. Ophelia wakes her up, forcing her outside to deal with her problem. She makes Annalise write a note to her baby boy and bury it. It's a beautiful moment, as Annalise finally seems to accept her child's death.

The Keating group has hacked into police surveillance footage to find out who the informant is. Michaela calls Annalise, who finally answers her phone, to let her know that Caleb is the informant. Noooooooooooo! Why does Caleb have to be the bad guy? He's too pretty to be the informant. Annalise has a plan and marches into the ADA's office to clear her name.

And finally the mystery of the Hapstall case is revealed. Annalise tells Denver that he shouldn't believe a sociopath over her, a top lawyer. Why? Because Caleb is a serial killer who killed his parents and aunt.

How does she know this? After Philip attacked her, he gave her a flash drive proving Caleb killed his aunt Helen, Philip's mother. On the flash drive were the records of Caleb's fitness tracker proving his location during the murder. Basically, don't wear your Fitbit if you plan on committing a crime.

Also, Philip convinced Catherine to make her confession and retract her alibi for Caleb. Every night, Catherine and Caleb would sleep together in his room. The night of their parents' murder, Caleb wasn't in his room. She covered for him because she was in love with him. Poor Catherine was too blinded by love to see what was really in front of her — a murderer.

So Annalise is off the hook, Philip and Catherine confess, and Caleb is back as the main suspect in the Hapstall murder case. But Caleb will never get arrested or charged in the case. He slit his wrists and is last seen in a pool of his blood. I'm not going to lie, that plot twist was rough. Caleb was supposed to be the good guy and I fell for his act. Thanks, Shonda Rhimes. I wonder how Michaela will react to his death. She seemed more annoyed at herself than with him when it was revealed he was the informant.

Caleb wasn't the only informant trying to help the police take Annalise down. Ten years ago, Frank was approached by a woman offering him a suitcase full of cash if he spied on Annalise during the Mahoney trial. Frank bugged Annalise's hotel room and collected the cash. The woman shared the information she learned with none other than Wallace Mahoney.

Mahoney basically put a hit on Annalise, meaning the car accident was no accident. Frank rushed to the hospital, realizing what he had done, to try to tell Annalise. Sam stopped him, threatening him to never tell Annalise as it would destroy her, to which Frank agreed. Sam called in his little favor to Frank when he needed Lyla killed. So that's how Sam and Frank are connected. But we still don't know the exact reason why Sam wanted Lyla killed. Sure, she was pregnant with his baby, but killing her seems a bit over the top.


Bonnie had sent everyone home so Annalise wouldn't have to deal with them when she came back. For some reason, Bonnie tells Annalise about Frank's involvement in her child's death. Annalise is shocked, admitting she blamed herself for her son's death all of these years. She also orders Frank to be kicked out of the firm. Laurel arrives at Frank's apartment to find it completely deserted. Where could he have run off to?

Elsewhere, Connor gets accepted to Stanford but Oliver makes sure they won't be heading to California any time soon. Oliver calls admissions as Connor and declines the offer. Uh oh, if Connor ever finds out about this, I have a feeling the two will break up. Why can't anyone just be in a happy relationship in this show?

The season ends with Wes traveling to New York with the hopes of meeting his father, Wallace Mahoney. Wes approaches Wallace as he leaves his office building saying "I think I'm your son." Mahoney doesn't get a chance to answer, as he is killed with a single bullet to the head, leaving Wes splattered in his blood and without any answers.

Could Frank have killed Mahoney as a way to get back on Annalise's good side? We can only assume that next season will focus on Wes dealing with his father's death. The show that continues surprising and leaving us speechless will return in September.

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