'How to Get Away With Murder' recap: 'Meet Bonnie'

In this week's installment of "How to Get Away with Murder," love was in the air. Two couples expressed "I love you" for the first time while one couple finally hooked up. There was no case for this week; instead, everyone was paranoid about Asher and one another.

As always, we begin at the Hapstall mansion the night of Annalise's attack. Bonnie sprints through the house, jumping over Sinclair's body before hopping in a car with a visibly shaken Asher.


Back in present day, Asher zones out in his hearing for immunity and thinks about his last conversation with Bonnie. In yet another parking garage, Bonnie tells Asher about why she "killed" Sam. Bonnie breaks down in tears claiming Sam forced himself onto her in the bedroom. While Sam held her tight, she grabbed a lamp and hit him over the head repeatedly. Remember that this is all a lie as Bonnie is trying to protect Annalise. For once, it seems like Bonnie has done her job as Asher storms out of the hearing.

Bonnie, Nate and Annalise meet in her office to discuss how they should handle Asher. Annalise also reveals to Bonnie and Frank that Wes and Nate are working together. Frank automatically assumes it's because they are "screwing." Just because you aren't getting any, doesn't mean everyone else has to be, Frank. Bonnie tries to defend herself but is cut off by Annalise.

"Nothing you say will make me not hate you right now," Annalise tells her. I couldn't agree more.

Connor, meanwhile, gets hammered on cheap beer because he knows Annalise owns him and he cannot do anything about it. Asher storms into the house, demanding to talk to Annalise alone. Annalise sticks with Bonnie's story saying they did what they did because no one believes women when they accuse a man of sexual assault. Especially a dead man. She points out that Asher is a white male and the police will always believe him. Asher has two choices: he testifies, risking putting Bonnie and Annalise in jail, or he stays silent to protect everyone.

Annalise is summoned to the courthouse regarding the Hapstall case. Prosecutor Sinclair filed a motion to have the dead aunt's testimony used as evidence. The judge tells both sides they have until tonight to provide evidence as to why the testimony should or should not be heard. Annalise assigns the students to search her basement for any type of evidence.

This is not before we are gifted with hilarious drunk confessions between the students, spurred by their current worries of being arrested by the police. Connor declares they should have "one giant orgy" before they get arrested or die. He says he will make the ultimate sacrifice to please Michaela but Laurel soon chimes in saying she will do it. Whoa, things get very awkward very fast. Michaela politely denies both but says she would consider it only if Frank is involved. OK, this is gross now.

Asher meets up with Bonnie wanting to know the truth. Bonnie "claims" she only had sex with Asher that night so she could have an alibi, and says the group doesn't know what she did. How is Asher still buying this? Frank discovers the truth about Levi and tells Annalise, who is obviously annoyed.

In the other room, Michaela is once again having phone sex with Levi at work. Seriously, why is she so unprofessional this season? Annalise interrupts the phone call, yelling at her students to "get their thumbs out of their asses and do some work." That is how you get things done.

Later, Annalise meets up with Nate for the most awkward car conversation. It is clear that both are playing each other, but are still trying to act sweet and innocent. Annalise reveals Nia wanted to kill herself and Nate half-heartedly thanks her for stopping it.

Back at the house, with the help of some liquid courage, Laurel throws herself at Frank in the basement. The two start ripping each other's clothes off and engage in some long overdue, passionate sex. Finally! The basement, where someone was killed, is not necessarily the most romantic spot to get it on. Let's not forget that the rest of the students and Bonnie are upstairs. How could we expect anything less from Laurel and Frank though?

While in full investigation mode, Michaela finds a dash-cam video of the Hapstall aunt hurling racial slurs toward the siblings before the video cuts out. Connor takes it to Oliver for him to hack into the police server. Connor tells Oliver he might go to jail, but does not disclose the reason to protect Oliver. In a rare scene of vulnerability, Connor tells Oliver that he means everything to him and drops the L word for the first time. It is about time! These two are perfect.

Back in the courtroom, Annalise plays the audio of Aunt Helena saying she did not hear the siblings do anything. Sinclair questions where she got to footage, as does the judge. The judge is angry that Annalise obtained the evidence illegally and threatens an investigation. However, the judge allows for Helena's testimony to be used in the trial.

Catherine Hapstall has had enough and lashes out at the judge. "You're black, out of anyone you should get it!" she yells. Annalise agrees that someone had to say it. A still drunk Connor mutters, "That's what happens when you don't have orgasms." All right, Connor.

Wes disappears again and joins Levi in the cemetery. They confront Bruno about Frank when Levi pulls out a gun. Wes, I told you this guy was bad news. Come on now. Wes calms the situation down and Bruno reveals all Frank wanted was to use his storage unit.


Michaela has had enough and confronts Bonnie about what is really going on with Asher. Annalise comes to Bonnie's rescue, saying, "We destroy everyone's lives to save yours." She also reveals what Asher is thinking about and how they are blaming everything on Bonnie. Annalise privately breaks down, freaking out that they won't be able to fix this.

Here is where things really get interesting. Annalise shows up at Nate's door with her tail between her legs. She breaks down again, apologizing for hurting him because she was just protecting Bonnie, whom she refers to as "her child." Nate wonders why she didn't protect him but Annalise claims she did by having Eve defend him. She hates what she did to him and promises never to do it again. I don't know about you guys, but I bought it; she seemed really genuine with that speech.

Driven by their certainty that Wes is a snake, Michaela, Laurel, and Connor follow him to his meet up with Levi. As expected, Michaela freaks out when she finds out Levi is Eggs 911, Rebecca's foster brother. She threatens Wes over his sexuality. (Why does everyone think Wes is gay this episode?) Wes is convinced Annalise killed Rebecca but cops surround them before he can say more. Levi is arrested with a trunk full of meth like a mini-Walter White. It becomes clear that Frank planted the drugs to get rid of Levi.

Bonnie meets up with Asher at the bar to plead with him to not testify. She even drops the L word to convince him. Asher says it back, but says he can't let Bonnie do this and leaves to sign his plea deal. Bonnie sobs on the phone to Annalise and, side note, has a spot on Kim Kardashian ugly cry face.

The group travels to the storage unit and finds nothing but a suitcase. Wes insists on opening it, and inside there is only a stash of cash. OK, where is Rebecca's body?! We get a flashback and are able to see how Frank was able to pull all of this off. He told Bruno people would come looking for him and set the whole thing up. Frank is a lot smarter than he makes himself out to be. The group is rightfully annoyed with Wes and Michaela utters her best line so far. "You let me have sex with Eggs 911!"


Annalise arrives at Asher's place to convince him not to testify against them. All she has to do is show him Bonnie's childhood. Horribly, Bonnie's father sexually abused her. Asher watches in horror, as we are forced to listen to the perversion take place. Just those couple of seconds left me sick to my stomach. So there is a reason for Bonnie's behavior, and it is nothing I would have ever expected.

Back to the night at the Hapstall mansion, Bonnie stops at a gas station and washes off all of the blood she had been hiding under her jacket. When she returns, Asher is gone to make a confession at the police station.

Next episode, everyone turns each other and we are warned to trust no one. Watch out for next week!