Ethan Renner recaps the fourth season of the Netflix political drama.

'House of Cards' Season 4 finale recap: This means war

We made it. Are you ready? Let's see if our political lives can be salvaged, shall we? It's time to review the season finale, Chapter 52.

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 10 recap: Dear mama

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 9 recap: Won't go down without a fight

Deny, deny, deny, make those back room deals, throw the Secretary of State under the bus, then head on down to Royal Farms Arena for the convention, and read about Chapter 48 on the way!

House of Cards, Season 4, Episode 8 recap: The Underwoods' muse

Dust off your unfinished novel manuscript, order a slice of pizza, and sell your soul for a short-lives spot on the Underwood ticket, because here comes your Chapter 47 recap.

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 7 recap: Meet the enemy

Choose a running mate, strongly consider using the NSA for your own political gain, and suspend your disbelief that THAT guy is the Republican nominee because it's time for the Chapter 46 rundown.

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 6 recap: Blast from the past

Agree to the terms of an economic bailout, stand up to the Russian president, pray that your body accepts the organ, and prepare for some seriously whacked out fever dreams, because it's time to recap Episode 6 of "House of Cards!"

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 5 recap: Two years too late

Prepare for some serious hallucinations, get out in front of that story tying you to a reporter's murder, and call in Major Dad to fix your energy crisis, because it's time to recap Episode 5 of Season 4 of "House of Cards!"

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 4 recap: Tracing the lines

Take your time, take in all of the available information before deciding whether or not to carry out the president's wishes, then join me in reacting to Chapter 43, won't you?

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 3 recap: Chapter 42

Hide all your political dirty laundry, frame a co-worker for your evil deeds and prepare for your significant other to betray you. Let's talk about Chapter 42, shall we?

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 2 recap: Plenty of sabotage

Make yourself a PB&J, wear the white dress ¿ not the taupe ¿ and go ahead and get that tattoo removed, it's time to recap "House of Cards" Season 4, Episode 2!

'House of Cards' Season 4, Episode 1 recap: Tempers heat up in Texas

Are you ready? Are you wearing your Claire Underwood pajamas? Is your Frank Underwood hairpiece glued on? Good! Now, let's get you caught up on Season 4 of "House of Cards!" This should go without saying, but spoilers are ahead.