'House of Cards' recap, Season 3, Episode 9

Frank's campaign is underway in Iowa. Tom and Kate Baldwin are there as well, but they're spending their time in cheap motels, getting to know each other in the biblical sense, while Frank stumps.

Frank is speaking to an assembly when Claire interrupts, telling him that eight Russian troops have been killed in the Jordan Valley. This is crucial because the Russians had just finally gotten on board with the peacekeeping mission and now their troops are dying there. This is trouble.

Gone girl
Gavin meets with Doug, and he has some bad news. He's found a Jane Doe dead in Tucson whose prints match Rachel's. Doug calls Seth, and leaves him a voice mail, demanding to speak to Frank. After, he falls off the wagon and almost gets into a fight in a bar.

Petrov's problem
Russia's troops were killed by an IED, but Russian investigators won't allow U.N. representatives near the blast site to investigate it themselves. Frank speaks to Petrov on the phone, attempting to smooth things over. "Let's show them that an incident like this makes us stronger," Frank pleads, but Petrov will have none of it.

"I'm going to do what I must, Mr. President," Petrov says, hinting that he may retaliate with military action of his own in the region.

Claire attempts to do some back channeling, speaking to Alexi Moryakov, the Russian ambassador. Alexi hints that Petrov might have staged this attack as a way of doing whatever he wants in the region.


Claire urges him to go public with that accusation, assuring him of American protection, but he's reluctant to do so.

With that intelligence form Claire, Frank authorizes an operation that would deploy American troops to the attack site. It's risky and could incite a showdown with Russian troops, but Frank is willing to assume that risk.

Remy's in trouble
Frank has Remy drive a potential campaign contributor to the airport in Washington. Kate Baldwin saw the man on Air Force One and brought up the potential violation of campaign finance laws, so Frank ordered Remy to hustle him out of town.

On his way back to the White House, Remy gets pulled over. He doesn't have any identification on him and the officers that pulled him over were less than kind, so Remy gets rambunctious. The incident gets straightened out when a supervising lieutenant arrives at the scene, but Remy is still shaken up.

He pays Jackie a visit, while he's still shaken up. "This happened and I didn't have anyone to tell about it," he says. "You have me, right?" Jackie says. Remy apologizes for intruding on her at her home.


Remy kisses her, then apologizes. "You still mean a lot to me. I am there for you, as your friend," Jackie says.

Doug visits Frank
Doug comes to the Oval Office with the report detailing Rachel's death. "Are you certain?" Frank asks. "I wanted you to see it. So you would believe me," Doug says.

"I'm drunk, sir. I'm drunk right now," Doug tells Frank. "I've been working for Dunbar," Doug confesses. "It was for you to see how close I could get. If I could find something, a silver bullet," he says. "to prove that I was still useful."

Doug promises not to end up like Peter Russo. "You're going to get better, Doug. I promise you that," Frank says.

Frank calls Heather Dunbar and berates her for hiring Doug. He promises to put her "...in your f---ing grave," should she endanger Doug's health again.

Heather hangs up with Frank, then returns to her meeting with the contributor that Frank sent away earlier.

Frank, Claire and their military team are in the Situation Room, overseeing the operation in the Jordan Valley. The American troops land, only to be turned on by a rogue operative on the ground. He was thought to be friendly, but he was working for the Russians.

The team in Washington listens in as the American troops take gunfire. One American is dead and three wounded in the operation.

Petrov calls later, telling Frank that he knows it was American troops that tried to get to the attack site, and that he's leaked that information to Israel as well. As a result, Israel deploys troops in the Jordan Valley.

The Jordan Valley is in chaos.

The best of Frank and Claire
Directed by Robin Wright!
They should take their "verbosity" routine on the road.
Frank's typewriter.

WTF moments
I could do without the sound of soft moaning playing against the sight of Iowa corn fields ever again.

Best Frank Underwood quotes
"Please, slit my wrists with his butter knife."
"There's an envelope on my desk. I need it to be incinerated."

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