Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in "Homeland."
Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in "Homeland." (Kent Smith / Showtime)

Spies, drones, runaways, yoga and kidnapping: episode five had it all.

The episode was framed by Saul's duck-hunting trip with the old boys network of DC. Invited by the White House chief of staff, Saul assumes that he was there to network with his colleagues in his possibly permanent role as the CIA director.


Instead, he is "ambushed" by Senator Lockhart, who informs Saul that the Berenstein intelligence era would be cut short and that Lockhart would soon be nominated to take his place as the agency's head. As Lockhart expounds on his plans to replace CIA case officers with military drones, we (the audience) are completely on Saul's side; how could the president prefer the mean, hawkish Lockhart to our cerebral Saul?

Saul leaves the duck hunt party rather than staying the night as planned, but arrives home to a second ambush of sorts. Meera is entertaining a gentleman friend while Saul's away.

Carrie is also involved in a duck hunt throughout the episode, except that she is the duck. Saul briefs Quinn on the operation, referring to Carrie alternately as "bait" or "draw." Quinn is impressed that Carrie has been able to convince the Iranians that she's prepared to sell out her CIA colleagues, and is happy to camp out 100 yards from her house as an undercover bodyguard.

Interrupting this scheme, Jessica Brody surprises Carrie by arriving at Carrie's house in a panic. Incredibly, Jessica trusts Carrie to protect the Brodys and pleads for her help in locating Dana. Carrie risks her primary operation to help them. Using the "yoga run" cover, she absconds through the back door of a yoga studio and successfully lobbies FBI Director Hall to prioritize his handling of Dana.

Soon enough, Dana and Leo's faces are on the news, along with the information that Leo shot his brother in a botched "suicide pact" and must return to court-ordered treatment. Conveniently, Dana hears this report in a gas station and realizes that she shouldn't trust Leo. Dana gives herself up to the police, who deliver her home to her mother.

Carrie's involvement with the Brody family, however, may have blown her top-secret operation. She's supposed to be a pariah, so she can't afford to be seen or heard communicating with FBI officials. Quinn notes that he no longer sees surveillance cars camped around her block, and they worry that the operation is over.

In the middle of the night, however, Carrie wakes to find herself being assaulted and kidnapped by Javadi's goons. How did they get past Quinn? Quinn knows something is wrong, but Saul orders him to keep his distance, lest he blow Carrie's cover.

By the time Quinn has mustered the concern to leave his car and investigate, Carrie is gone. It's clear she's been kidnapped. Quinn is horrified; Saul is pleased. When her kidnappers remove the blindfold, Carrie finds herself face to face with Javadi.

In a final, terrifying twist, Javadi asks Carrie about her yoga class that morning. He knows she's tried to con them. What is his plan for her now?