'Gotham' recap: Jim goes rogue for the greater good in 'Worse Than a Crime'

Jim says he's not a bad guy, but he sure does act like one.

The midseason finale of "Gotham" wrapped up neatly, and tied up any loose ends with a nice bow. On top of that, the writers created enough intrigue to keep us coming back after the break. Other than the predictable fight scenes, it was a good way to end the midseason.


Jim's gone too bad too fast. Killing suspects in cold blood, hanging out with villains like Ed, Selina and Penguin — nothing about that says upstanding citizen. Shooting Theo with Penguin, of all people, by his side was the point of no return.

I'm not surprised that Jim did this — the writers did a great job showing his regrets of not shooting Flamingo when he had the chance, leading to Officer Parks' demise. Jim made the mistake of playing fair once, and he wouldn't make it again. But did he make the right call with Theo?


Jim is supposed to be Gotham's last gleaming beacon of morality. He's the one true constant of good and hope that Gotham can rely on until Batman arrives, and even after after he arrives. How can he be a hero by breaking the law and killing someone? Or was he truly being a hero by killing him?

"Forget that this man sicced Barbara Kean on you," Penguin tells Jim. "Forget that he nearly killed the mother of your child. Forget revenge. Think of the greater good. Think of Gotham!"

It's "the greater good" that strikes a chord with Jim. Earlier this season when he was kicked off the force, he told Bruce had a chance of getting his job back, but not under the most favorable circumstances. Bruce asked Jim, "Are you not sacrificing the greater good for your dignity and self-esteem?" Jim went with the greater good then, just as he did now.

I was hoping for a more fair delivery of justice from Jim, but this is Gotham and Theo "has the judges in his pockets." There's no way Theo would be locked behind bars, or to stop him from wreaking havoc on the city.


But still. Something about it makes me mourn for the loss of Jim's righteousness.

I wonder how Jim will get away with this one. The last time Captain Barnes saw Theo alive was when Jim had his gun pointed at him. Will Jim create some elaborate lie, and let Penguin take the fall? I doubt he'd come clean about killing the mayor.

And how long will he get away with it? Usually Jim gets kicked off the force for being the only good guy in a sea of corrupt cops. But now, he might get kicked off for being a corrupt cop. My, how far you've fallen, Jim.

Proving Theo has no shortage of evilness, he tells Silver that if she wants to stay in their family or keep her life, then she has to betray Bruce and break his heart one last time before Theo and the Dumas clan kills him. Ouch, that's low.

So Silver goes to Bruce's cell to mess with his mind. Bruce knows better than to fall for someone who says, "That's show business," before making a dramatic escape from their cell.

Later, when they're locked in the cell, he asks her why she's playing with him. "Uncle Theo said if I can't make you love me again," she reveals, "if you can't kiss me goodbye, then I'm not good enough for the family. He's going to kick me out, or kill me. Same thing, really."

When Theo takes him out for his execution, it's Bruce's turn to put on a show. He tells Silver he forgives her and that he (gulp) loves her, then kisses her goodbye. Theo seems impressed.

Bruce saves Silver not because he's in love with her, but because he's a genuinely good guy. No wonder Silver calls him "weird." Her vicious family kills people more often than they sit down for dinner.

Just seconds before Father Creel fulfills the prophecy and kills the "Son of Gotham," Silver blurts out, "Stop!" The Dumas clan stares at her, puzzled.

Then, in barges Jim and his band of his team of sort-of-good/sort-of-bad guys. They take out most of the Dumas clan, except Theo and Tabitha, who take Silver with them.

Back at their apartment, Theo says Silver isn't escaping with them. "I just wanted to take a moment to express my deep disappointment in you," he glares at Silver. He says this as if she dropped out of high school to join a cult.

Tabitha responds with a swift kick to his back that knocks him down. "Bite me!" she says before escaping with Silver.

Now that Theo's gone, is there hope for Silver to become a better person, like Bruce said? Or did she only defy her family and try to save Bruce because she has feelings for him, and she's still evil at heart?

I wonder if that means we'll see Bruce and Silver together again. That is, unless Cat crosses her path.

More highlights from “Worse Than a Crime”:

Best Harvey one-liner: "Fox, that's Cat. Cat, Fox." Sounds like a line from a Dr. Seuss book.

Best comeback: "How do we know you're not working with Galavan now?" – Alfred

"How do we know you're not a martian in a rubber suit?" – Cat shoots back. Kind of a weird one, but she sounds so pissed; I love it.

Saddest line: "I'm going to see my parents." – Bruce to Silver as to why he's not scared to die.

Highest pain tolerance: Alfred. He gets a knife thrown in his back, falls into a garbage truck, wanders around a landfill, hides in a fridge that later gets covered in junk, then takes a taser to the face when he tries to "commandeer" someone's car — all without medical attention. Oof. Meanwhile, I crumple to the ground and limp for a day when I stub my toe.

Most popular word: Lackadaisical. Jim called Harvey that when "Gotham" first started, and now Theo throws that word at his sister for not living up to the Dumas family name. Burn.

Baby announcement: Turns out Leigh's pregnant with Jim's baby. So that's how they're handling the real-life pregnancy of Morena Baccarin (aka Leigh) with her real-life boyfriend, Ben McKenzie (aka Jim Gordon). I wonder if Baccarin and McKenzie take inspiration from their on-screen personas and get married in real life, too. If they do, let's not hope he doesn't pop the question like this...

Saddest proposal: Jim asking Lee to marry him. You can tell from that forced smile that he's positively thrilled at the idea of spending the rest of his life with her.

Worst cliffhanger: Definitely not Mr. Freeze. Arnold Schwarzenegger ruined that character for me in "Batman and Robin." His corny jokes make Harvey's one-liners look like Shakespearean sonnets. "Let's kick some ice!" Ugh. You gave word play a bad name, Mr. Governator.

Best cliffhanger: The villains in the Indian Hill. We saw Firefly shuttled there earlier this season, and now Theo was carted to a room with large tubes filled with bodies in a strange liquid. In one of these tubes was a familiar head with a red-tipped mohawk lined with metal studs, none other than Fish Mooney! Does that mean we'll see her return after the fall break? Is Gotham going to be taken over by zombie/ Frankenstein villains? Anything but these creepy monks, please!

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