'Gotham' recap: Jim falls for the femme fatale

Jim, your judgment is terrible.

In last night's episode, "Tonight's the Night," Jim has a severe case of Femme "I'm going to stab you in the face" Fatale Syndrome, and it nearly leads to his and Leigh's demise.


The narrative is as bumpy as Jim and Harvey's car ride with Barbara, with head-scratching moments and all-too-predictable plot turns. It's the same old, same old. Jim rescues Leigh, Harvey rescues Jim, Harvey loses his job and then gets rehired.

There is one major event that we weren't expecting. Barbara almost gets what she wants: a dream wedding with Jim. But the dream is a nightmare, and she's surrounded by Arkham inmates. When she wakes up, the real-life wedding isn't much prettier.


Everyone — the priest, the witnesses and the groom — is held there against their will. For a woman who wants to marry Jim so much, you think she wouldn't be so hellbent on killing him.

But once he gets free, he chases her to the top of the church where they stand next to a stained glass window. Barbara lunges at him with a knife, they tussle to the ground and she crashes through the window, only to be saved by Jim.

Jim clutches onto her hand, begging her not to let go. "I love you," she says as she loosens her grip and plunges — practically floating in her frothy white bridal gown — to her death.

Or so I had hoped. A bed of bushes breaks her fall, and Barb walks away — rather, is rolled away on a gurney — with a few scratches and broken bones.


I knew it was too good to be true. Killing off two unnecessary, creepy and over-the-top characters (see: Momma Penguin) two weeks in a row would been exactly what this show needs.

But just like Jim, "Gotham" can't seem to give Barbara up.

"You see an abyss and you run toward it," she warns Jim. "It's not healthy."

Sounds like a lot of relationships I know.

But against his better judgment, Jim can't. When he kisses her in an interrogation room to get more information out of her, that's where everything goes downhill for Jim, even if he says otherwise.

"That was a judgment call," Jim says trying to justify his kiss. "Judgment. Really?" Leigh shoots back.

Kissing your psychotic ex in front of your boss, co-workers and current, sane and fairly awesome girlfriend is terrible judgment. Tsk tsk, Jim.

No wonder Leigh gives him the "we need to talk" line after Stabby Babs' fall. I don't see them breaking up for good, but I'm sure they'll take a break the next time we see them.

That kiss if the first sign that he still has feelings for her, and willing to go to whatever ends to find more information and possibly, hopefully get Barb help.

But in the end, it's worth it. Almost. Barb tells Jim where they're keeping Mayor James hostage, and now Jim has a probable cause for arresting Galavan.

As for Barb, she's still free in the city as her psychotic self with no hope of getting better. Give it up, Jim. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Gordon is far from the only hero with bad judgment in "Tonight's the Night." Bruce is willing to blindly give his company — his "parents' legacy" — to a man he barely knows.

"I will fix your company, protect your legacy and give you closure," Theo promises Bruce.

Just a day ago Theo became mayor, and now he wants to run the city's largest company. That screams power hungry, which translates to super villain in "Batman" world.

As smart as Bruce is, he still has a lot of growing up to do.

The first thing he should have asked — other than "How did you get all the information about my parents' murder?" (answer: torturing Bunderslaw) and "Why are you extorting me?" (answer: because he's evil) — is "How are you going to improve Wayne Enterprises?"

But it's for the best since he won't bore us with a slideshow presentation on revenues and stock options.

Instead, Theo has something more enticing for Bruce: the intel on who killed his parents and why. He dangles that manila envelope over Bruce's head with empty promises. Bruce almost falls for it, but changes his mind at the last second before signing away his shares of the company to Theo.

Then Jim and the GCPD storm in with an arrest warrant for Theo. The timing was all too perfect, clean and predictable. As usual.

And of course, Theo had enough time to toss the envelope in the fire before getting a fist in the face and cuffs on his wrists. Like that will stop Bruce from finding out who killed his parents.

How soon will we have to wait before we find out who did?

More highlights from “Tonight’s the Night”:

Best Harvey one-liner: "Anything that makes Captain Barnes tight-ass nervous, I'm all for it." - Harvey to Jim about going on the risky mission to let Barb navigate them through the city. It later got Harvey fired, then quickly rehired. I wonder if Harvey and Barnes are going to butt heads again.

Future Arkham bunkmates: Penguin and Ed. When they met briefly in Season 1, I had a feeling their paths would cross again. How fitting would it be that it was while Ed was burying his second, err, third victim and transitioning to his dark side. Penguin can now help Ed take that his brand of crazy up a level.

Last supper: How sweet was it of Ed to pour one out for Miss Kringle? And by sweet, I mean creepy. But did you see his green and black picnic blanket? I can't wait to see what his costume looks like. Please no neon catsuits this time.

Cabin fever: Penguin banishing himself to a cabin in the woods boggles my mind. He rules Gotham. Doesn't he have a doctor on staff to help dress his wounds? And wouldn't his arm go septic and need amputation by this point? Blegh. I need to stop watching so many health documentaries.

Under a Cloud: Silver St. Cloud is, like, so boring. Aside from her throwing in the occasional "like," it's easy to forget that she's a teenager — or a person for that matter. Same with Bruce. Why are Natalie Alyn Lind (Silver) and David Mazouz (Bruce) so wooden in their roles? Sorry, Selina. Maybe they were meant for each other.

Best line: "I love your dress! Where'd you get it?" - Leigh to Barbara, which distracts her from slicing her neck and gives Jim the opportunity to break free from his wrist ties and tackle Barbara.

Did I miss something?: When did Jim tell Leigh that he killed a man for Penguin to get back on the force? I know he hinted to it, but I didn't think he outright said it. Looks like our girl has really good deductive reasoning, which is more than I can say for the rest of the characters.

Keeps tabs: Sure, Theo might have been caught, but what about Tabitha? Who knows what havoc she'll wreck on the loose. And I wonder if Bruce will still want to date Silver, or if he'll finally realize that Selina was right about her all along.

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