'Glee' recap: 'Trio'

It's just graduation, you guys.
It's just graduation, you guys. (Adam Rose/Fox)
This episode was all about next steps. Will and Emma were thinking about the family they longed to start.

For the seniors, it was about learning to enjoy the time they had together but also to start learning to let go. For Rachel and Santana, it was figuring out how just how much they meant to each other and moving on one way or another.

This episode was an important one (even though I kind of hated the song selections) because we seem to be moving to close the McKinley chapter of the show for good. Slowly but surely, Ryan Murphy has seemingly weeded out all of the lackluster, refurbished story lines of the new high schoolers. Literally, we haven't heard a peep from Marley in like months.

We start with a fun rendition of Destiny's Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin,'" which is a personal fave. Blaine, Tina and Sam realize they've never done a trio before (mainly because Tina has long been the Meg Griffin of "Glee" and was banished from ever being relevant for the longest time) and so they decide to exclude Artie as they wonder their way into early 2000s pop.


It's at this point when Tina realizes that her time with Trout Mouth and Gay Blaine (who, if you'll recall, she tried to creepily fondle in his sleep last season) is running out. .. and she loses it. Like LITERALLY loses it.

I actually really like Tina. I feel like her character does the funniest stuff that none of the other girls would ever be willing to do, like physical comedy. When's the last time you saw Santana lay face down on the McKinley High hallway floor and sob incoherently as two friends try to console her? Her sharp tongue would never allow that.


When's the last time you saw Rachel Berry ... be funny in general? Never. That doesn't happen. Tina has been great, and like when "Family Guy" actually gives Meg a funny story line, Tina has blown it out of the water. She's not the creepy vampire girl who fakes a stutter any more. Her character has evolved so much and I've always thought she's had one of the better voices on the show.

Enough of my pro-Tina rant, I'm just glad that Ryan Murphy is FINALLY harvesting the talent he's already had for five years instead of looking for a newer, younger (more basic) model.

Blaine, Sam and Tina decide that they need to break into McKinley to have a lock-in, just the three of them, so that they can have something to reminisce about when time and distance take tolls on the relationships. While singing "Don't You (Forget About Me)" through the hallways, they rollerblade, frolic and generally do nothing remotely badass after they've promised to raise hell.

I'm not hatin', though. It was cute and made me wish that I would have broken into Perry Hall High School all those years ago and done something completely innocent with my HS besties. Becky shows up, however, and completely ruins the day by getting everyone hopped up on energy drinks. Blaine catches Sam and Tina making out in the choir room and tells them that they've ruined everything.

In New York, all is not well. Santana and Rachel are still fighting. Rachel has moved in with Elliott and kicked him out of his own bed. Her diva antics are still at their highest as Elliott saunters into Rachel's practice room with her chai tea and dry cleaning as she explains to Elliott that she has her own private band now ... yup.

They two do a great version of "Barracuda" as I'm left to wonder exactly how real this portrayal of Broadway livin' actually is. I think my favorite comparison of the night was when Santana called Rachel a "Jewish Hillary Clinton" that chewed men up and spit them out. The rivalry was fiercest at the diner when the two battled it out over the song "Gloria," each accompanied by Elliott. Finally, he had enough and after calling them both out on acting ridiculous, he left the diner.

Having no other option at this point, Kurt decides it's time to end Pamela Lansbury's time and starts a new band with Elliott and Dani. (Gee, Demi Lovato. Nice of you to show up once every 3 months.) The three sing a song I've absolutely never heard of before called "The Happening" and they actually kill it. I might even be tempted to Google it at this point. Maybe. Okay, I just did. Never would have guessed that was The Supremes.

Our two rivals share a moment towards the end when Santana catches Rachel raiding her panty drawer and after dismissing Rachel as a "lezzie," Rachel explains she was looking for her scented candle to help "spruce" up Elliott's apartment. They realize that they don't have any other girl friends in The City and we can see that they miss each other. It was cute.

The episode ends with another impossible group number (seriously, Lima, Ohio, and New York City are 532 miles apart ... They can't expect us to buy these group numbers to close out the show.) The group is Wilson Phillips. The song is "Hold On."

I think that this has to be the funnest karaoke song that has ever happened in life so I was living for this ending. Also, somewhere in the middle of the episode Will and Emma sang "Danny's Song" and somehow that loosened her up because she's preggers! Yay! I swear I see story lines closing one by one. Next week is Nationals in Los Angeles and Mercedes is back ... Until then, folks!

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