The "Glee" kids get into a '50s groove with a little hand jive.
The "Glee" kids get into a '50s groove with a little hand jive. (FOX)

It only took four seasons, but "Grease" has finally come to "Glee." Well...sort of. You see, this is actually the episode before the "Glease" epsiode. The one where they have the auditions for the musical. Yes, I was confused, too and slightly disappointed, as I was looking forward to some "Grease Lightening." But, there's always next week.

So we start the show with Finn feeling down on himself. He embarrassed himself out of the Army, lost his girlfriend and now he's working at a tire shop in Lima, Ohio. Pathetic? I think so. Artie convinces Finn to co-direct the school musical with him and Finn eventually agrees.


Meanwhile, Blaine is also feeling sorry for himself after his breakup with Kurt. He's not even gelling his hair on the weekends! That's how you know it's real. He auditions to "Hopelessly Devoted to You;" however, he gets a bit melodramatic at the end and declares he cannot perform in a musical about a romance when he's so heartbroken. Oookay. Blaine, I'mma need you to grow a pair here. You're the obvious choice for Danny Zuko. Suck it up and play the part! But perhaps I'm being a bit selfish and insensitive.

Anywho, Mercedes and Mike Chang (you know I have to say his whole name) are back at William-McKinley High. Cue the slo-mo walk down the aisle. Hold up...isn't Mercedes supposed to be in L.A. and Mike Chang in Chicago? Apparently Artie reached out to them for help with the school musical, too. Shouldn't they have school or jobs or something?

Then Mr.Schu and Will go to couples' counseling aka Coach Beiste's house. Will is still trying to convince Emma to come with him to D.C. for that arts ambssador thingie because it'd be a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity for both of them. But Emma's not trying to pack up her life and follow him to D.C. like a 1950s housewife! He asks her again to consider it and she relents and says she'll go...but her face says otherwise.

Back at auditions, they're having trouble finding a Danny, so Finn goes on a recruiting drive. Naturally, he goes to the football field and finds Ryan. Finn convinces Ryan to audition for Danny and the rest, as they say, is history.

Unique is vying for the role of Rizzo and sings Pink's "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" with Marley, who is auditioning for the role of Sandy, of course. But she's not the only one with her eye on the prize. Queen Bee Kitty decides she wants to audition for the lead female role, too, and auditions with Puck's little brother (what's his name again?). It's clear Little Puck has the hots for Marley Marl, but it looks like Ryan may be trying to make some moves, too.

Kitty and Little Puck sing "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees. This is another song that's best left to the original artist; however, their choreography is cute, so I give them a B+. Marley sees their audition and now she's upset. Gotta love high school drama!

So of course Sue is raising a big stink about Unique playing Rizzo because she is actually a he; however, he dresses and identifies as a she (Principal Figgins apparently missed this memo). But they live in Ohio and Sue doesn't think the world is ready for that jelly. Finn decides he's the director and he's calling the shots. He says he thought Sue would be more understanding of differences since her baby is "retarded." Wow, Finn, way to put your foot in your mouth.

Coach Beiste has another chat with Emma and convinces her to tell Schu the truth: that she doesn't want to go to D.C. Later that night, Emma confesses and Will is actually very understanding. And they live happily ever after, amen.

But because Mr. Schu will be away for three months, he passes the torch of glee club director to...Finn?! Seriously, shouldn't this kid be in college or something? Why is he just hanging around his high school? I hope we still get Mr. Schu cameos, I love his vests.

Oh, Ryan is playing Danny and Marley is playing Sandy. Kitty, obviously, is playing Patty Simcox and she is not a happy camper. By the way, who is Patty Simcox?