'Glee' recap: Sweet Dreams

In case you couldn't tell by the title, this episode is about dreams–Finn's dream of becoming a teacher (yes, that Finn); Rachel landing a role on Broadway; and Marley becoming a singer-songwriter, much like Taylor Swift, but not nearly as annoying.

So we start with Finn in college, at Miami University to be exact. And then we experience not one, but three Harlem shakes. It never gets old! So Finn's loving the college life and finds Puck, who isn't actually enrolled in classes, but he's just there anyway. Go figure.


At William McKinley, everyone seems to be experiencing a bit of PTSD because of the shooting-that-wasn't-really-a-shooting last week. Sam invented a twin brother. Younique is taking birth control pills. And Tina has discovered steampunk.

During show choir rehearsal, Mr. Schu informs the glee club that the theme of this year's regionals competition is "Dreams," a theme he is taking quite literally. Marley, however, is trying to muster up the courage to tell everyone about her plan for them to sing one of her original songs at regionals. But Mr. Schu isn't having it.

The students meet behind Mr. Schu's back to discuss an alternative plan for the competition and Marley suggests her idea. Kitty promptly shoots it down like the little snoot she is. Gosh, I really can't stand her sometimes!

Back at Miami, Finn and Puck are really living the college life–complete with iron-griled cheese sandwiches and (topless) Slip 'n Slide. Mr. Schu visits to apologize to Finn, with Coach Beiste's encouragement, but Finn's not having it. Later, Finn and Puck rescue a frat party with a rousing rendition of (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!) when a speaker blew out. As a reward for their efforts, the frat boys offer them membership, haze-free.

In New York, Rachel is preparing for her audition when Shelby (her biological mom, geniously played by Idina Menzel) makes a guest appearance. She encourages Rachel to be different and not sing a Barbara Streisand song for her audition. And then they sing one of their duets, which I love so much. This time is "Next to Me" by Emeli Sande, which I also love. And, like of their duets ("Poker Face," anyone?), it's pretty good. They should have their own CD complete with Rachel-Shelby duets...I would buy it.

Meanwhile, back at William McKinley, Coach Roz is taking over the Cheerios and even launching her own Cheerios Network with Oprah. Get it, Coach Roz! In the auditorium, the glee kids are singing one of Marley's originals: "You Have More Friends Than You Know."

Rachel calls Finn for encouragement before her audition, where she sings the "Glee" classic "Don't Stop Believin'" and has a sort of out-of-body experience. We can see her reminiscing about singing the song with the old school glee club members. The judges, however, cannot and one asks her what happened to her in the middle of the routine. She responds that she was thinking about her friends–without whom she wouldn't be there...and I get a little emotional. Why, "Glee," why do you always do this to me?!

Apparently Finn's been skipping class lately, but he doesn't think it's a big deal. Puck surprisingly does think it's a big deal and gives Finn a pep talk, which seems to work because later we see Finn returning to Wiliam McKinley to work with Mr. Schu as a co-teacher of sorts.


In other news, Coach Roz is suspicious that Sue left "Adult Baby Robin" (aka Becky) and "Fruity Fonzie" (aka Blaine) as the co-captains. She makes them take an oath that they won't place a vex on her, like she assumes they did to Sue, which made her bring a gun to school and drop it twice, causing it to go off (or something like that). Becky says that's not what happened, but denies being there. Hopefully the truth will come out sooner or later (it has to...there are only three episodes left this season!).

Mr. Schu apologizes to the glee club for being snippy about them not wanting to sing his set list and he asks Marley to teach them one of her original songs. In New York, Rachel's waiting not-so-patiently to receive news about her audition and, lo and behold, she gets a callback. Yayyy!!! See? Dreams do come true!