'Glee' recap: 'Movin' Out'

Rachel (Lea Michele, R) helps Sam (Chord Overstreet, L) with a photo shoot in the 'Movin' Out'  episode of "Glee."

It's the start of some new beginnings for the kids of McKinley High this week, and what better way to express those new beginnings than with the cool sounds of the one and only Mr. Billy Joel?

Some students started thinking about their futures at the end of last season, but since only about a month has passed from Season 4 to tonight's episode in "Glee" time, the rest of the kids have started thinking about THEIR futures, too.


Sue puts together McKinley High's 1st annual Career Fair. When Will points out that there are no jobs in the arts represented at this fair, Sue says that was intentional. She goes on to say that the kids of today are entering one of the toughest job markets ever, and she didn't want to make getting a job any less attainable by putting in careers with no promise. After Sue compares Will's hair to Olympia Dukakis' merkin, we move forward.

Big storyline tonight is Blaine and Sam buddying up and heading to New York, where Blaine has his audition for NYATA, Sam his interview for Hunter College. They attain this travel goal with a lovely montage set to Billy Joel's "Movin' Out," which also happens to be the name of tonight's episode.


While in New York, Sam completely bombs his interview. Some examples of his sexist answers: "I'm totally for feminist rights. Why is it OK for guys to go topless at the beach but chicks can't?" and "Guys make more because the glass ceiling is in place so that they can do more." And just when it can't get any more awkward, there's "So you're black, huh? How's that going? This is a long, I know, but do you know Mercedes Jones?" Ouch, that was painful.

While explaining to Rachel about his horrible interview, he opens up about having always wanted to be a male model. Rachel and Sam go to a photographer and while Rachel is oiling Sam's body...I could swear I saw a spark between them, which is just plain creepy. Let's see how that one turns out.

Sam goes to the top modeling company in New York, House of Bichette (Bichette herself is played by Tyra Banks), to go over his newly developed portfolio. After mispronouncing the name Bichette, instead calling her Bitchette, and then mini bitch, Sam hears from Tyra's character that he has the vacant eyes of a cow, the mouth of a trout and is far less pretty than most boys she sees. Oh, and he needs to lose 10 pounds, because even though he's "skinny for Kansas," he's fat for New York.

After Sam mentions that he's not from Kansas but rather Ohio, he tells his friends he's on a diet of flavored air. It's at this point that the New York gang breaks out into "Just the Way You Are," to let Sam know just how great he is just the way...Well you get it.

After an impromptu performance of "Piano Man" at the Spotlight Diner, Blaine lets fear take over for a moment. He admits to Kurt that, not only does he not want to audition for NYATA, he wants to practice medicine. His reasoning? George Clooney was his first man crush, and his favorite game growing up was Operation.

"I can't promise that you won't fail, but I will be there to make you feel safe if you do," Kurt tells Blaine. Beautiful words indeed, Mr. Hummel.

The other big storyline tonight is with Artie and Becky. It all starts when Artie informs Becky about some great special-education programs in colleges all across the country. When Sue gets wind of this, as Becky's overprotective Mama Bear, she immediately takes offense. Sue tells Artie to leave it alone, that Becky is safe at McKinley, but Artie continues to pursue the situation by singing "Honesty" to Becky.

He convinces her to check out the University of Cincinnati with him later in the week. Sue offers Artie an ear douche because apparently he's hard of hearing, but he convinces Sue that this is best for Becky.


Visiting the school, Becky overcomes the fears she has of being called stupid and trying to fit in. All the students think she's hilarious, and one of the guys even has the hots for her! It looks like Becky has found a place beyond high school; she tells Sue she's "moved on from high school bitches."

The final storyline is the Rachel-Finn-Puck .... er, um, I mean the Marley-Ryder-(Jake)Puck love triangle.

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After Marley swears off Jake for cheating on her, we find her peeling potatoes with her mom in the school cafeteria. She talks about how sad, but happy, she is that she didn't give Jake her virginity. Her mom explains that she needs to be smart with her V Card and not just give it to some guy she loves, but one who she can trust as well.

Enter Ryder Lynn, the boy-next-door sweetheart Marley probably should have chosen over Jake last season. He comes in like a knight and tells Jake that he was stupid for messing up the greatest thing he's ever had (to which Jakes answers with a "My Life" montage.) Then he swoops into Marley's life and highlights his good family values and the fact that he'd never hurt her, but she says she needs a break from boys.

Ever-persistent Ryder then sings "An Innocent Man" and ends by asking Marley if she'd go out with him. When she responds "Yes," Jake has a hissy fit and leaves the practice room.

The episode ends with Marley telling Ryder that going on one date doesn't mean they're dating, Jake reverting back to his playing ways, Sue quoting "civil rights leader" Genghis Khan and what appears to be the entire school singing "You May Be Right" in the school auditorium.


Tune in next week, as "Glee" does something it has never done before -- air a new episode on Thanksgiving. And this writer will be giving thanks as he earns time-and-a-half writing for you good people.

Just kidding. I won't be getting time-and-a-half. But in your food comas, you should definitely watch next week. If you happen to pass out before then, check with me here on Friday morning!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!