'Glee' Recap: I Kissed a Girl

The ladies sing and dance it out to Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl."
The ladies sing and dance it out to Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl."

Cue the Katy Perry music! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Lady Music Week" at William McKinley High.

The brainchild of Finn, aka Fetus Face, according to Santana, "Lady Music Week" is music by ladies, for ladies. Fetus Face is worried abut Santana, whom he recently outted in case you missed last week's episode. But basically, Finn wants Santana to know there's a group of people who love and accept her no matter what.

Blaine and Kurt kick off "Lady Music Week" with a halfhearted rendition of Pink's "Perfect," which is a pretty kick-butt anthem, if you ask me. But, seriously, can we talk about Kurt's asymmetrical one-sleeved sweater/shawl/cape thing? What is that?! I do, however, love Blaine and I also love bow ties. I want Blaine to be my best gay. Every girl should have one. And Rachel has Kurt, so it's only fair I get Blaine. But I digress...

Meanwhile, Puck breaks out the guitar for "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge….presumably to Shelby (he later claimed the song was all about babysitting when Quinn confronted him). I still like the original version better, but Puck could sing the dictionary to me and I would still melt.

We also find out Finn's intentions with "Lady Music Week" are actually decent. She was his first and he genuinely cares about her. Aww. So much so, he serenades her with a slo-mo version of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Double aww.

And my aforementioned girl crush on Santana? Yup, it's still there. Especially after she jump started the girls' version of "I Kissed a Girl" in the hallways of William McKinley. Later, Santana came out to her abuelita, who pretty much disowned her because of that. Boo you, Grandma!

Santana closes the show with k.d. lang's "Constant Craving," during which Shelby, Coach Bieste and Kurt join in on the fun, too. Afterward, Rachel tells everyone she told Principal Figgins she rigged the student president election so that Kurt would win. In her defense, she wanted him to win so he'd have a better chance of getting into NYADA and so she wouldn't have to go to NY without her "best gay."

Yes, her motives were selfish, but she meant well...even if her actions were not honerable. As a result, Brittany is indeed student body president, pixie sticks and all. But more importantly, Figgins placed Rachel's faux pas on her permanent record (inevitably affecting her chances of getting into NYADA), suspended her for a week and banned her from competing in sectionals! What the what?!

'Glee' Fashion Gold Star: This week, it goes to Rachel for her dress during "I Kissed a Girl." Black star goes to Kurt for, well, everything, really.

Unexpected Love Triangle of the Week: Coach Beiste, Coach Cooter and Sue (who lost the congressional race to Kurt's dad, Burt). Beiste professes her love for Cooter, who was dating Sue during the campaign, and vows not to go down without a fight. Team Coach Bieste all the way!

Quote of the Week: Coach Beiste describing turducken as "barnyard in a bite."

Next week: It's New Directions vs. Troubletones in sectionals. Game on!