"Glee" gals take on Spice Girl's "Wannabe" in the "Guilty Pleasures" episode.
(Jennifer Clasen/FOX)

After last week's heavy (relatively speaking) "Feud" episode, we get a dose of "Glee" fluff in this week's "Guilty Pleasures" show.

It all starts when Blaine spies Sam pilfering bags of pasta from the school cafeteria. He assumes it's to feed his family, but then learns it's really to fulfill Sam's guilty pleasure: macaroni portraits. He's done Emma Stone, LeAnn Rimes, Ralph Macchio and even Kurt. ("The macaroni really captures him," Blaine agrees.)

The incident plants the seed for the Glee club's weekly assignment, courtesy of Sam and Blaine since Mr. Schuster is out with "the flu." (whatever that really means) They get things started with Blaine's pick: Wham! Cue a mess of fluorescent clothes, teased hair, tapered jeans and scrunchies.

Brittany tries to get Kitty to be nicer human being by inviting her onto her webcast "Fondue for Two," where it is revealed that her musical guilty pleasure is Spice Girls. Yay! The Glee gals on "Wannabe."

Sam's up next with Barry Manilow's "Copacabana." Then Blaine basically serenades Sam with Phil Collins' "Take A Look At Me Now." (Hey, didn't we already cover Blaine's pick with Wham?) I know he gets a lot of mic time, but no complaints from me. Love him!

While he's one of the show's token airheads, Sam has not been oblivious to Blaine's crush on him.

Jake plans to sing a Chris Brown song, which sets off a tirade from the girls. He ends up picking a different "Brown" with Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" and we get to see his dance moves. However, with his role model choice he once again strikes out.

Up in New York, we find out Brody dipped on Rachel without an explanation and Santana has resumed residency with Rachel and Kurt. Santana drops the bomb about Brody's true occupation as a gigolo. Rachel confronts Brody and he reveals that Finn made a trip to NY to bust his face -- which clearly pleases Rachel.

So that's over. To the tune of Radiohead's "Creep." Probably my favorite song this show.

Time for just one more: ABBA's "Mamma Mia."

And my own confession: I have ABBA's Greatest Hits album in my car and I belt it out all. the. time.