'Glee' recap: Naked

Now that's my kind of Jack-o-lantern!
Now that's my kind of Jack-o-lantern! (FOX)

So this week we find the Warblers under fire for using performance-enhancement drugs (deer antler spray, anyone?) and just like that, New Directions is back in the running for Sectionals. Booyah! But wait, how will they afford it? Tina suggests a calendar of the New Directions guys with Blaine as Mr. December. Yes, I'll buy one!!

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel just accepted her first topless role in a student film. And then there's a duet between Rachel and, well, high school Rachel who tries to talk college Rachel out of it. And I have to say, Rachel sounds pretty good singing with herself. But really, did we expect anything else?


Back at William McKinley, Sam shows up in just his shorts to school the next day to present the Men of McKinley seminar to get the guys in tip top shape for the calendar, which turns into a mashup of "Hot in Herre" and "Centerfold." Sue accuses Finn of bringing porn to WMHS and Finn called her out for posing in Penthouse back in the day. Touche.

And then we find Brody eating cereal in the buff at Rachel and Kurt's apartment in New York. He says he's doing it to support Rachel in her decision to go topless: "If you want to win an Oscar, you've got to show your boobs." Kurt, however, still thinks it's a bad idea and calls Santana (love her!) and Quinn to stage an intervention and talk her out of it.

At the calendar shoot, Sam has a meltdown in the locker room. Earlier, he was told his SAT scores weren't so great (seriously, Brittany scored higher than Sam) and now he thinks he's worthless. Blaine tries to tell him otherwise and later puts together a video with everyone talking about the wonderful things Sam has done. And when Finn talks about how Sam supported his family when his dad lost his job, Sam tears up...and then I tear up. It's a touching moment.

In the middle of what would be her topless scene, Rachel decides she can't do it and runs off singing "Love Song" by Sara Bareillis. She's joined in the auditorium by Santana and Quinn...and it's lovely! And, it seems as though Santana could be plotting a move to New York because it's more her speed. Or...this could be just wishful thinking on my part because of my massive girl crush. Either way, it would make me very happy.

Jake confesses his love for Marley (at first, in an acoustic version of Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You," which was much less annoying than the original one, in my opinion) and then more directly in a note on the Men of McKinley calendar. Awww!

At the end, everyone sings "This is the New Year." Until next week, my fellwo Gleeks!