'Glee' recap: Swan Song

Rachel belts it out and..."All that Jazz."

When we left off last episode, Marley had faceplanted at sectionals, causing all of the glee kids to drag her to a back room in the middle of her performance and basically get disqualified. So the Warblers win...and now New Directions' season is over. Umm..what do we do now? Is there even a season left? Hellooo, Ryan Murphy, what the heck is going on here?!

Cut to New York and we learn Kurt is auditioning for NYADA...again. We also learn about the school's prestigious winter showcase. Basically Carmen, aka Whoopi Goldberg, is the keeper of the golden ticket/special invitation. Only 10 students receive an invitation and our girl Rachel is one of them. Squeal!


Meanwhile, back in Ohio, Sue's taking over the choir room and turning it into Sue du Soleil, which is basically a combination of Cirque du Soleil and the Cheerios. Now there's nowhere for New Directions to rehearse. Way to be a Scrooge, Sue!

But, apparently she's not the only one who's happy about it. For the first time to my knowledge, Piano Man speaks. Say word?!


Then we see Brittany eating a Cheerio path off the floor constructed by Sam, who is apparently really into her. Is this the end of Brittana as we know it? I, for one, am not okay with this. Santana is so much hotter than Sam anyway. So Blonde and Blonder sing Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Stupid.'" Awww...

In New York, however, Rachel is getting ripped a new one by Cassie and they showdown in a sing-off to one of my favorite Broadway tunes–"All that Jazz." It's true Cassie is the better dancer (those legs!), but when it comes to vocal chops, Rachel is the better singer.

After viewing Kurt's audition tape, Carmen says he has "surface," but he lacks "soul." Ouch.

At Wiliam McKinley, the glee kids have fun other clubs to join. Artie's in the band. Blaine and Tina joined the Cheerios. And Finn is like what the French toast? (side note: I love how Sam's locker is full of lip balm! Gotta keep those lips looking luscious somehow, I suppose.)

Back in New York, Brody gives Rachel a pep talk before her winter showcase debut. And Rachel gives him a kiss. Oooh la la. Basically, Rachel blows it out of the water with her rendition of "Being Good isn't Good Enough." All I can say is wow. I wish I could sing like that. But, alas, God decided I should write. She also sings "O, Holy Night!" and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that she wins the showcase.

Not before Carmen asks Kurt to perform after intermission. Naturally, he panics. I would, too! And Rachel encourages him to go for it because Carmen is giving him another chance. So he sings "Being Alive" and, even though it wasn't as stirring as Rachel's performances, in my opinion, it's good enough to get him into NYADA. Finally, yay!

After her performance, Rachel calls Finn to give him a pep talk and encourage him not to let the kids give up on their dreams...or for him to give up on his. Marley found a place for the glee club to practice...outside. And no one shows up...until mid-song, of course, in true "Glee" fashion.