The Holy Trinity, aka Quinn, Santana and Brittany, reunites for an old school number.
The Holy Trinity, aka Quinn, Santana and Brittany, reunites for an old school number. (FOX)

No, you're not crazy. This week is the "Glee" Thanksgiving episode...because actually showing it on Thanksgiving would make too much sense, right, Ryan Murphy? Anywho, this week is more of a homecoming as well for the New Directions alums.

The old crew sings "Home" by Phillips Phillips. Confession: I did not know who Phillips Phillips was until I had to google that song. Does anyone even watch "American Idol" anymore, really? I'm all for sentimental homecomings, especially of the high school variety. And it should come as no surprise that this one was one of the best arrangements of the season, which furthers my belief that "Glee" is not the same without the original cast. Aww, why can't we have them back forever?


But back to the task at hand: sectionals. Finn recommends the graduates pair up with the newbies for some mentoring. The Puckerman brothers; Mercedes and Unique (who are the same people, according to Brittany); Kitty and Quinn, obvi.

Finn also suggests they perform the most popular song this year for sectionals. That's right, "Gangnam Style." Now, I'll admit, I was a fan of the song and dance...the first 5 million times. Teaching the infamous choreography? Mike Chang, of course. Hmm...could it be because he's Asian? Just saying...

Little Puck tells Ryder about his date with Marley and lets him know he's not just going to "hump her and dump her," which is good to know. The guys come to an understanding; Kitty, however, is still up to her catty ways and convinces Quinn that Little Puck is trying to swipe Marley's v-card. So, of course, Quinn has a little chat with the Puckerman men.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Rachel is still salty that Brody slept with Cassie and Kurt is still brooding over Blaine. They decide not to go home for the break and host an "orphan Thanksgiving" at their apartment. Rachel and Brody talk things over the fox trot, naturally, and she invites him to her impromptu Thanksgiving dinner. Kurt invites his editor, who invites some drag queens (they were drag queens, right?) and they have a "kiki," whatever that is.

Back in the show choir room, Santana tells Quinn that her mentee, Kitty, is the reason Marley has been taking laxatives. She's right, of course. But Quinn gets defensive and goes off on this tangent of accusing Santana of being jealous of her. What?! I'll take a fiery Latina over a boring blond any day! But that's just me. Anyway, the girls hash it out and...slap each other. Catfight!

At sectionals, the Warblers perform that dang whistle song by Flo Rida. I can't stand that song...probably because I can't whistle. Ugh. Their choreography, however, is on point. And they wrap things up with "Live While They're Young" by One Direction, which is fitting, seeing as how they're kind of a big boy band anyway.

There's also a Mennonite show choir. Random.

And then we have New Directions singing "Gangnam Style." Tina finally gets a solo and it's a Korean song, really?! That'd be like tapping me to lead the "Single Ladies Dance" because I'm the only Black girl in the group. I mean, I'd do it, but still! And then Marley passes out. The end.