It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's just the glee club kids. New Directions to the rescue!
It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's just the glee club kids. New Directions to the rescue! (FOX)

Things I'd rather be doing than watching "Glee" on Thanksgiving night: 1) Watching the Patriots and the Jets (generally speaking, I can't stand Cry Baby Brady, but he's my fantasy QB, so I need him to crush the Jets.); 2) Watching the Michael Jackson special; 3) Getting an early start on my holiday shopping with Black Friday sales; 4) Just about anything else. And it doesn't help that this isn't even the "Thanksgiving" episode. What the French toast, "Glee"?!

Anywho, here we have the "Dynamic Duets" episdoe...super hero edition. The latest crime? Someone, a rival Warbler, stole New Directions' nationals trophy and replaced it with a laptop. Gasp! Of course, Blaine...excuse me, the Night Bird...rushes off to retrieve what's rightfully theirs. He incorrectly assumes Sebastian stole the trophy, but we find out it was the new Warblers captain: Hunter, who's not even a little bit bicurious...in case you were wondering.


Apparently Hunter was just using the trophy as bait for Blaine and offers it back in exchange for Blaine's return to the Warblers. You know, because he can just jump ship like that. What about the tuition at Dalton? Hello!

So, of course, Blaine joins the Warblers for a song...Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side." Is it just me or do the Warblers, mainly Blaine, do an excellent job of covering songs originally sang by female artists? Please see Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills, Bills" and now this. Personally, I'd love to see Blaine back with the Warblers. He's a Dalton boy at heart. Besides, he only transferred to William McKinley to be with Kurt and now he's gone…and they're no longer together. Sooo...

Meanwhile, back in the choir room. Finn dresses up as a super hero and assigns this week's lesson "Dynamic Duets," in which, he pairs up mortal enemies Kitty and Marley and Little Puck (aka Jake) and New Finn (aka Ryder). The latter duo sings "I'm Not Superman" and later launches into a boy fight over Marley. Even though I think Marley is a bit boring, I do like her better than Kitty. So Finn forces the guys to work out their differences in typical Mr. Schu fashion.

We find out Jake's kryptonite is he doesn't feel like he fits in: he's half-black, half-white and half-Jewish. Drizzy Drake, anybody? As for Jake? Well, apparently he can't read. So Jake tells Finn. Finn takes Jake to a specialist for testing. And Jake admits he's dsylexic.

As for Kitty and Marley, they join foces to sing "Holding Out for a Hero" and it's actually pretty good. But bitchy cheerleader befriending self-conscious girl...where have we seen this before? Oh, I know...the first season of "Glee!" And is it just me, or are Kitty's attire and dance moves a bit too sexy for high school?

Later, Ryder stands up for Jake during a showdown in the cafeteria and now they're BFFs. Little Puck calls Big Puck, who is dressing up as super hero Puckerman on Hollywood Boulevard, for some girl advice regardign Marley. Big Puck's words of wisdom? "Don't be a d*ck and don't give up." God general life advice, if you ask me.

Sam convinces Blaine to stay at William McKinley, they steal the trophy back from Dalton and everyone lives happily ever after. Oh, and Ryder had to cancel his date with Marley to study, so she asks out Jake. Way to go, Marley! And then everyone sings my current favorite song "Some Nights" by Fun. And it's awesome! Perhaps my faith in "Glee" has been restored.

Next week: the Thanksigiving episode. Don't blame me. Blame Ryan Murphy.