'Glee' recap: Prom-asaurus

Our favorite gleeks go to prom and there's a sweet surprise ending!

Confession: I'm a 16-year-old girl trapped inside of a 24-year-old body and thus, I was probably more excited about this week's"Glee"than normal people would be. Student body president Brittany S. Pierce decides this year them should be dinosaurs. Thus, Prom-asaurus is born, where hair gel is banned because it didn't exist during prehistoric times. Blaine, naturally, is heartbroken.


And the prom court nominees are...Finn, of course, Rick the Stick Nelson (who?!) and Brittany for prom king. For prom queen, we have Santana (love!), Quinn and Missy Somebody. Becky is pissed off and goes on a screaming rampage through the halls of William McKinley High.

Rachel is also upset because of posters encouraging students to vote for Finn and Quinn as prom royalty. It is the cherry on top of her disappointment sundae aka choking during her NYADA audition and having all of her hopes and dreams come crashing down on her.


So, of course, she sings her feelings in song and launches into a rather good rendition of "Big Girls Don't Cry," accompanied by Kurt and Blaine. Afterward, they decide to throw an anti-prom party, because Rachel can't stand the sight of Finn and Quinn dancing together and because Blaine can't wear hair gel.

They present the idea to the other glee kids. Puck jumps in, but Santana's not having it. She urges Rachel to deal with her issues instead of throwing a pity party and i have to agree. In the end, the anti-prom party consists of Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky.

Meanwhile, in physical therapy, Quinn is working on regaining use of her legs. During prom, Finn catches her practicing and accuses her of faking not being able to walk. Things get feisty on the dance floor, where he practically pulls Quinn out of her wheelchair, but Jesus kid stops him.

So Finn goes to set things straight with his fiancee and crashes the anti-prom party. Blaine and Kurt join Finchel at prom, while Puck crowns Becky queen of the anti-prom party. Aww, Puckerman, you're so sweet!

Rachel and Quinn have a heart-to-heart in the hallway and, even though Quinn technically had the most votes, Santana and Quinn decide to "make a difference" and make Rachel the prom queen. At first, Rachel things it's a cruel joke, reminiscent of Kurt's prom queen reign last year. But Finn convinces her she's awesome and they live happily ever after. The end. Oh...and Quinn stood up during her "Take My Breath Away" duet with Santana. My guess is she'll be ready to bust a move at Nationals in no time!

Don't forget: next week's "Glee" is a two-hour special (woohoo!) and features a guest appearance by Lindsay Lohan (woohoo?).