The glee club kids take on the King of Pop. Umm...what?
The glee club kids take on the King of Pop. Umm...what? (FOX)

When faced with adversity, just think to yourself: What Would Michael Jackson Do?

Alright, so when I first heard"Glee"would be dedicating an entire episode to the musical stylings of Michael Jackson, I was understandably suspicious. I mean, hellooo, it's the King of Pop. And quite frankly, I don't think any of the glee kids' previous attempts at performing MJ have been particularly impressive.


Blaine kicks off the episode with, appropriately enough, "Wanne Be Startin' Somethin'" and it's okay at best. Apparently Rachel doesn't get Michael Jackson. I'm sorry, but what's there to get, exactly? Please allow me to reiterate, it's The. King. Of. Pop. I mean, I'm far from MJ's biggest fan (a title I shall rightfully bestow upon my darling little sister). I was more of a Janet girl myself. Miss Jackson, if you're nasty. But I can recognize and appreciate pop royalty when I hear it.

And so it begins. New Directions and the Warblers have a "Bad" showdown in a shadowy parking garage to determine who gets to sing MJ in regionals. Then Sebastian throws a tainted slushie in Blaine's eyes, which causes an eye injury. Oh no, Sebastian, you messed with my favorite bowtie-wearing a cappella singer. We are so not cool anymore! But yet, I can't help but love to hate you. Ugh.

In non-MJ related news, Rachel finally says yes to Finn's proposal...after asking Quinn for advice and thinking she was rejected from the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts aka NYADA. Quinn, who was accpeted to Yale, by the way, advises Rachel to go for her dreams and break up with Finn.

Meanwhile, Sam is trying harder than ever to get Mercedes back. So he puts her name in lights (sigh) and asks her to sing "Human Nature" with him while he plays the guitar. And then they kiss, yes! Way to go, White Chocolate!

In a stealthy scheme to frame Sebastian for Blaine's injury, Santana challenges Sebastian to an MJ-inspired singoff to "Smooth Criminal," for what is definitely the best performance of the night. Those cellists? Ah-mazing! We learn the slushie was actually intended for Kurt and it was laced with rock salt. And Santana got the whole thing on tape, thanks to a recorder stashed away in her underboob. But our favorite glee club kids decide to take the high road and not rat out Sebastian.

We end the night with New Directions and the Warblers coming together for "Black Or White," complete with the iconic morphing montage at the end. As it turns out, Rachel was a finalist for NYADA after all, along with her compadre Kurt.

Next week, McKinley High welcomes Ricky Martin as, you guessed it, a Spanish teacher. Oh, how I heart Ricky! Maybe he'll sing and dance with Mr. Schu? I can hardly wait!