'Glee' Recap: Hold on to Sixteen

The Trouble Tones work it out to a Survivor mash-up.
The Trouble Tones work it out to a Survivor mash-up. (FOX)

Spoiler alert: This recap contains the results of this year's glee club sectionals competition.

And the winner is...New Directions. Obviously. Seriously, who did you think was going to win? We wouldn't have much of a season if our star glee kids didn't take home the first place trophy. But did they deserve to win? That, my friends, is the question.

I, for one, was not impressed by their Jackson family mash-up of the Jackson 5's "ABC," Janet Jackson's "Control," and MJ's "Man in the Mirror." And, quite frankly, the Jacksons are the only ones who should sing those songs. Otherwise, it loses some of its effect. I mean, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Hellooo.

Personally, I preferred the Troubletones' "Survivor" mash-up of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" and Destiny's Child "Survivor." Their voices were nice, their dresses were sparkly (I love sparkles!) and they had moves like Jagger. Okay, maybe not Jagger. But their choreography was much better than New Directions. No offense, Mike Chang. (side note: I don't know why I always feel the need to use his whole name.)

Speaking of Mike, his father surprised him and came to sectionals (after some coaxing from Mike's girlfriend, Tina). After the performance, Senior Chang gave Junior Chang his blessing and encouraged him to apply to dance schools. Yay, I'm so glad he finally came around!

And guess who's back at William McKinley High. Rachel and Finn tracked down Sam (remember him?) at a strip club in Kentucky. Sam aka White Chocolate agrees to come back to Lima and perform with New Directions. And is just me or does he look wayyy better this season?

And Sam's not stopping at glee club. He's on a one-man mission to win Mercedes back. Mercedes, however, kindly reminds him her boyfriend is a football player. But I think she wants White Chocolate back. I saw that smile Mercedes, you're not fooling anyone!

Quinn was on a mission of her own to tell everyone Shelby was sleeping with Puck so that she would get fired and Quinn could get Beth back. But, thankfully, Rachel (who, if you recall was banned from performing at sectionals for rigging the student body president election) saved the day and talked her out of it.

Mercedes, Brittany and Santana have rejoined New Directions. Unfortunately, Sugar had to come, too. Regionals, here we come! But first...a very gleeful Christmas special is in store next week.

'Glee' Fashion Gold Star: Absolutely loved the white tuxedo jackets. Where can I get one? No, seriously. I really want one.

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