'Glee' Recap: I Am Unicorn

Idina Menzel guest stars on 'Glee.'
Idina Menzel guest stars on 'Glee.' (Fox)

It seems as though dreams really do come true as the 'Glee' gods grant my wish of having Idina Menzel, aka Rachel's mom, Shelby, return as a guest star in season three.

Even better? A Rachel and Shelby duet, of course! The dynamic duo sang "Somewhere There's A Place for Us" from West Side Story, which is also the school play this year. Their performance was nice, but it sort of lacked the awesomeness of their slo-mo version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in season one. But even their mediocre is better than most people's best. Their pairing is pure musical genius. Thank you, 'Glee' gods.


In a concerted effort to focus all of his attention on helping New Directions win nationals, Mr. Schu has stepped down from directing the school play, delegating the responsibilities to his girlfriend, Ms. Pilsbury, and Coach Beiste. Meanwhile, he also institutes a Booty Camp with Mike Chang for the glee kids lacking in the rhythm department (cough Finn! cough cough). Side note: I love Mr. Schu and Mike dancing together, but why is it slow motion?

Mr. Schu, Puck and Shelby also try to talk some sense into Quinn, who is still a Skank, or as Puck kindly put it, "looks like a Real Housewife of Reno." Shelby asked Quinn to be a part of her baby's life. Her baby, Beth, for those of you who don't remember, is actually Quinn and Puck's baby, whom they gave up for adoption. (Very soap opera-y, I know). Quinn cleans her up her act by the end of the episode because she wants full custody of Beth...this can't be good.

Shelby, by the way, has a part-time teaching position at William McKinley High School, thanks to a generous donation from Mr. Motta (Sugar's daddy...get it?) to create a second glee club at WMHS to star his daughter, who has no singing abilities whatsoever.

Rachel and Kurt audition for the lead roles in West Side Story, obviously. But Coach Beiste thinks Kurt may be a little too "delicate" for the role of Tony and I agree. Blaine, who auditioned for a supporting role, would be a much better Tony.

Kurt is also running for student-body president and Brittany offers to help him with his campaign, claiming he is a unicorn. Yes, you read correctly. A unicorn. Or "someone who knows they're magical and isn't afraid to show it," according to Brittany, who later decides to run for president, too, because she's also a unicorn...or "maybe a bi-corn."

Favorite Brittany Quote: Teacher: "What is the capital of Ohio?" Brittany raises her hand and shouts: "O!" Maybe she's just a big OSU fan? You know, O-H-I-O and all that jazz.

Random thought of the episode: I'm absolutely in love with Blaine and if he were a real-life person (and straight), I would totally date him. But, Blaine, if you're reading this somewhere in TV Land, we could totally be besties!

Letter to 'Glee' creators/producers: Can we pretty puh-lease with a cherry on top get Justin Timberlake (my fave celeb crush of all time) to guest star as Mr. Schu's brother or something? Because that would really complete my life. They kind of favor one another, no? There could even be a dance/sing/curly-hair-off. 'Glee' gods, I hope you're listening!