Mercedes belts it out on the season premiere of 'Glee.'
Mercedes belts it out on the season premiere of 'Glee.' (Fox)

Everyone's favorite singing misfits from William McKinley High School are back.

Okay. Maybe not everyone's favorites. But if you're a diehard Gleek like me, then you've been waiting all summer for the premiere of season three and Tuesday's episode did not disappoint. After a crushing loss at nationals at the end of season two, my fave TV teacher crush Mr. Schuester tries to uplift the members of New Directions and recruit new members with the Purple Piano Project.


Basically, they have to perform a routine wherever Mr. Schu randomly places guessed it...purple piano. First up? "They Got the Beat" by The Go-Gos in the cafeteria. Dancing on tables cannot be sanitary, but it sure looks like fun and I'd gladly have Puck do some push-ups in front of me while I'm enjoying my lunch. The goal of the project is to recruit new members, but unfortunately, it starts a food fight instead.

Nevertheless, the glee club's performance inspired at least one person: Sugar Motta, aka The New Girl. Suffering from self-diagnosed Asperger's Disease, spoiled little Sugar tells the glee kids they suck. But after her god awful rendition of "Hey Big Spender," I don't think Rachel has anything to worry about.

Of course, Sue Slyvester is on a one-woman mission to destroy the glee club and this time she's using it as a platform for her campaign for congressional office. She enlists the help of Santana and Becky as co-captains for the Cheerios. But later, Santana's banned from New Directions for playing both sides of the fence. Oops.

Speaking of the Cheerios, the self-proclaimed Unholy Trinity of Quinn, Santana and Brittany has been divided. Quinn, former head cheerleader/popular girl, has quit both the Cheerios and New Directions and is hanging out with a group of mean-looking girls called the Skanks instead. She has a hot pink-punk look to go with her new bad girl persona along with a nose ring and a lowerback tattoo of Ryan Seacrest's face (weird!). It's like early '80s Madonna meets...well, Quinn (even weirder!).

But New Directions gains a new member when Blaine transfers from Dalton Academy (and gives up his lead position with The Warblers!) to be close to his bf Kurt. romantic!

Favorite Brittany Quote: "Are you working on a time machine, too?"

Favorite Performance: It's a tie between Blaine's rendition of Tom Jones' classic "It's Not Unusual" and the New Directions version of "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray (aka one of my favorite Broadway shows. Yay, Baltimore!).  Please excuse me while I finish downloading both of these songs into my iTunes library…

Next Week: I can't wait to see Idina Menzel return for another guest appearance. Maybe she'll team up with Rachel for another duet a la "Poker Face"?