'Girls' recap, episode 3, 'Bad Friend'

Hannah sits, uncomfortably, for an interview for a freelance gig with a website called The blonde interviewer suggests she write about a threesome, or doing cocaine, and then points to a sign on the wall indicating where your comfort zone is (outside the circle), to which Hannah responds, "Uh huh. Okay."

The girls are having a yard sale (which in Brooklyn is more of a street sale) and Hannah asks Marnie where she could actually procure said cocaine. Answer: Laird, her weird junkie neighbor.


She goes to Laird's apartment where she asks "Um, let's see, how do I articulate this properly. I need some cocaine, and I know that you're a junkie, which I do not want you to think I am judging, I am completely cool with it and get that it takes what it takes to get through life."

Laird nods and responds, "I'm clean now."


We finally see Marnie at her job, which is exactly as it was described: Old men calling her sweetheart and asking her for bottles of wine. She's off to fetch said bottle when she spies Jorma Taccone's Booth Jonathan -- the aggressive, abusive, weirdly sexy guy from last season who sent her into a bathroom to relieve herself she was so "bothered" by him.

Booth Jonathan calls her Maddie and tells her it's depressing she works there. They exchange barbs and he asks her when was the last time she had sex. "Who do you think I am?" she asks, disgusted.

"I think you"re a person who's about to have sex with me," he answers, and drags her off. That's negative 10 points for all feminists watching.

Meanwhile back at Hannah and Elijah's, Elijah is picking out Hannah's outfit for their imminent cocaine writing binge (Laird came through). They get to it and end up scrawling nonsensical wishes in permanent marker all over Hannah's bedroom walls.

Nancy Reagan has nothing on these two: Just say no. The end up at a club where they, predictably, dance their asses off and then immediately need to do more coke. Over lines in the bathroom, Elijah admits that he had sex with Marnie and Hannah is not okay with it.

Marnie and Booth are back at his place and he's showing her his deeply disturbing artwork. He locks her into a room filled with screens that show her disturbing images, complete with Duncan Sheik's "Barely Breathing" -- it's reminiscent of "Clockwork Orange."

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She comes out later, clearly shaken, and he hugs her -- and she admits, "You're so f---ing talented." They then move on to the bedroom where things get really weird, involving a doll, let's just say that Marnie enjoyed it but it was weird.

Hannah and Elijah move their fight to a drugstore, where he admits that his sleeping with Marnie had "Little, nay nothing to do with you" and that "Marnie's mouth tasted like non-petroleum lip balm and Trident layers and for whatever reason that was a real f---ing turn on to me."


Hannah shuts him up by kissing him, and he asks, "When did you eat jerky?" And THAT, yall, is why Lena Dunham won a Golden Globe.

Hannah spots Laird, the sketchy neighbor who sold them coke,  spying on her in the drugstore. He's been following her because he feels guilty for selling her the coke. They head off to Booth's so Hannah can interrupt their post coital '80s vs. '90's debate to berate Marnie on what a bad friend she is. Marnie takes it and breaks down.

Hannah tells Elijah he's moving out: "You ruined my article. You ruined my night. You ruined my relationship with Marnie. And, for that matter, my relationship with cocaine, which could have been my favorite drug."

Laird walks Hannah home and she jumps him in the hall. He's shocked: "Can I kiss you back?" "Yes," she replies, "Just for tonight. For work."

That was a doozy. Lena Dunham is definitely not afraid to show everyone's worst sides on this show, and considering she wore a mesh crop top through most of the episode, I applaud her bravery.