We left off last episode at Monique's BBQ where she kicked Gizelle out for saying that Monique runs her mouth too much. In her testimonial Gizelle says that "all the money in the world can't buy you style and class." If you watch "Real Housewives of New York," you know that Countess Luann has a song called "Money can't buy you class." My thought is that Luann should remix the song with Gizelle.

So Gizelle leaves and the ladies get back to playing spades. At the table, Ashley notices that Juan is on his cell phone and she gets a suspicious look in her eye. She probably think he's texting another woman. Ashley turns to Karen, who is next to her, and says she has something to tell her. They walk away and Charrisse joins them. Ashley brings up the rumors she's heard about Juan seeing other women. Karen says how Potomac is very small, people think everyone is sleeping with everyone. Then Robyn walks over and is frustrated that Ashley keeps talking about her relationship with Juan. Charrisse defends Robyn, which leads Ashley to criticize Charrisse's marriage. Charrisse says that Ashley should stop being invested in other's relationships when she should focus on her marriage and her failing restaurant. Harsh, but true.


On "The Real Housewives of Potomac," Monique hosts a game night to get to know the ladies better. Of course, it doesn't end well.

We've seen this season how Karen is looking to "right size" her house, not downsize but to find the right-size home. Karen's real estate agent, Wendy, is having trouble selling the house at $2 million. She wants to lower it to below $1.8 million and now the bottom feeders are interested in the house and Karen is insulted. Karen is high on her pedestal and says she doesn't want someone who is the bottom of the barrel to buy the house. She says her house is the "best thing since china was invented." I think she is referring to crystal china and not the country but who knows with these ladies. Karen, to no surprise to anyone, says the type of person she wants to buy her house is a 'classy, snooty, b---." At least Karen knows herself well.

Now in addition to being a "Housewives" fan, I am also a lover of HGTV so I have a lot of opinions on this situation. First of all, as we remember, Karen's kitchen is ugly and isn't renovated. You can't expect to sell a house in Montgomery County at a high price if the kitchen isn't remodeled. I remind my parents of this all the time. Second, Karen isn't willing to have an open house or put a for-sale sign on her lawn because she believes it's tacky. How are you supposed to sell a house without a for-sale sign?! I see for-sale signs all the time in Montgomery County. Isn't it also the norm to have open houses? Geez.

Karen isn't the only one dabbling in real estate. Monique, as we know, has been trying to buy a house in Potomac and in this episode she and Chris finally settled on a $4.75 million house. Her pastor's wife is also their real estate agent so when they go to close the deal on the house, they also have a therapy type session with their pastor. Pastor Chad asks if Monique called Gizelle a trick and Monique says yes. Pastor Chad suggests that she apologize to Gizelle because she doesn't know what she's going through. Monique breaks down and cries because Gizelle reminds her of her mother-in-law. Ouch.

"The Real Housewives of Potomac" took some baby steps toward getting interesting this week.

Charrisse goes gown shopping because it's charity season because God forbid someone sees you in the same dress twice. She invited Ashley to go with her before Monique's BBQ and didn't want to disinvite her because Ashley was Miss D.C. and had pageant dress experience. Charrisse confronts Ashley about how she keeps inserting herself into other people's relationships. Ashley responds that all Charrisse talks about is her relationships and that she should talk about something else "like the weather." Charrisse responds with "I'm about five seconds from [expletive] you up." Charrisse tells Ashley good luck getting pregnant from her old man husband. I love how these women always preach about manners and etiquette yet they threaten each other. So classy.

Other events:

Robyn and Juan go on WBAL 1090 to promote the basketball camp that they’ve hosted for the past 14 years.

Charrisse goes to Gizelle's house and she gives Charrisse advice about going through a divorce. It's nice to see them push past their issues and be a sisterhood.

Charrisse and Gizelle decide to host an intervention of sorts for Robyn because they are concerned about her relationship with Juan and whether or not it's healthy. In her testimonial, Gizelle talks about how Robyn takes care of Juan and the boys "but you can't ask him if he has a side piece, does he have a chicken wing, does he have a breast, does he have something?"

Charrisse and Gizelle suggest therapy for Robyn, and Robyn views therapy as needing to be fixed.
Ultimately Robyn says that she doesn’t have a plan with Juan and that they can’t afford to move out and live on their own.

Closing thoughts:

It's annoying how Ashley involves herself in others' relationships but I think that Ashley and Michael are hustlers. Ashley is smart and knows that to stay on the show you need a strong story line and be able to stir the pot a little. The more drama the better for Bravo. I think she's purposefully inserting herself in other people's relationships so that she can secure her spot on the show. She also wants publicity for her restaurant. Yes, I think that she does care for other women but she and Michael are business-minded people.

With that, I end this recap on the best Gizelle moment of the night:

Gizelle talks about how in 10 years she hopes to be retired on her yacht and travel along the French Riviera with her girls. "To my haters who need their husband's bank accounts to define them, I'll be making my own. BOOM."