'Dexter' recap, 'Scar Tissue'

Jennifer Carpenter's Debra Morgan continues her downward spiral.

Can you forgive someone who tried to kill you? How far do the bonds of family bend until they break?

This season, Debra has been struggling with killing LaGuerta, wishing she had killed Dexter instead. Vogel brings her back to the site of the incident to help her get through it. Part of her recuperation is watching an old session of Vogel with Harry as he tried to work through living with Dexter.


Dexter has stayed away, trying to give Deb some space, but he insists that he needs Deb in his life. He forgives her for the last month of constant hate and wishing he was dead. But can he forgive her if she actually tries to kill him?

Vogel insists that Dexter can't have true emotions and therefore doesn't need Deb. Dexter is outside of nature, and therefore cannot be classified as good or evil. Vogel seems to be pushing Deb to make the final break between Dexter and her, and to be making sure Dexter will be ready for it.


But Dexter still has his day job — cleaning up the streets of Miami. This time, it isn't a kill by the "Brain Surgeon." Not much attention is paid to the case though in this episode, other than to use it as a way for Angel to show who his favorite is for the sergeant position. While it starts out as Quinn, who passed his sergeant's test, the tides have turned in favor of Angie Miller.

Angie who? The female officer who has always been in the background this season. The show just hasn't told us any of her backstory. Or current story. Which tends to make me think she's a killer. On this show, I give it a fifty-fifty chance.

But she's not the only one. We also met Jamie's friend, Cassie and Masuka's alleged daughter, Vickie, although I'm not sure I believe her even though they share a creepy laugh. At least one of them is a killer. Maybe even both.

Quinn lost favor with Angel when he nearly started a bar fight while defending Deb's honor. We love the "white knight" act, but its tearing apart his relationship with Jamie. But she has her own way of getting back at him in the bedroom. That's what I call girl power.

But Dexter hasn't forgotten about the "Brain Surgeon" – even if it seems like Miami Homicide has. He goes after AJ Yates, the next suspect of Vogel's list. Yates has a scar on the back of his head, as if from brain surgery. Case closed?

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But nothing is ever that easy. When Dexter breaks into Yates's house, Yates sees him through a hidden camera and sneaks up on Dexter. But Dexter's call to Vogel prevents an interaction, and both killers leave unscathed. However, Yates retreats to his lair downstairs, where we see a young woman chained up.

It isn't until Dexter revisits Yates's house that he finds the lair and hidden cameras, but at this point, Yates is gone. He left the young girl, bleeding to death. Dexter, performing his Good Samaritan deed of the day, drops her off outside a hospital. He returns to the lair with Vogel in tow.

Hacking into Yates's computer, he finds Vogel's notes and realizes that he has been a lab rat from the beginning.


He cuts Vogel from his life, but something tells me it won't be that easy. Relationships with Dexter don't end unless you're dead usually.

And that's exactly what Deb figured out. She comes to Dexter to talk things out, but she has nefarious intentions. After realizing that Harry killed himself rather than deal with what he had made of Dexter, Deb jerks the car over a bridge and into a lake. Deb is pulled from the car by a passing Good Samaritan. As she looks at Dexter's submerging body, she decides to pull him from the wreck at the last moment.

From loving him, to being in love with him, to attempted murder, Deb has put Dexter through everything. Sometimes you have to know when to walk away. But maybe it's too late for that.

Dexter usually only responds to people trying to kill him in one way – murder.