L-R: Derek Hough, Maria Menounos and Henry Byalikov perform on "Dancing with the Stars."
L-R: Derek Hough, Maria Menounos and Henry Byalikov perform on "Dancing with the Stars." (Adam Taylor, ABC)

After the usual introduction folderol, we get the encore dance — Donald's jive with Karina and Peta. Still good, but maybe not quite as high energy as it was last night.

Footage from last night: Donald & Peta got compliments from the other contestants up in the kiss and cry and then went ass over teakettle in the interview area. Katherine & Mark prompt the judges to get very silly after they hold up their paddles. I love seeing the masks slip. The brief glimpse we get of Katherine, Mark, and Tristan making silly faces and screaming in the backstage interview makes me wish Katherine had been paired with Tristan — they're partners in goofy.

Donald & Peta: SAFE
Katherine & Mark: IN JEOPARDY

On the way into commercial we get a Kenny Mayne bit parodying the "This Is SportsCenter" ads.

And now it's DanceCenter with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len Goodman.  It just cracks me up every time to see Jerry and Kenny in all the glitter. Which is really amped up this year.

First up: Katherine "The Welsh Wiggler" Jenkins. "Obsessed with naughty bits" Strengths: "Naughty bits. Hot." Weaknesses: None. We get a supercut of Katherine saying "naughty bits" repeatedly followed by a shimmy in a tight sweater. Again, straight men have every good reason to watch this show.

Roshon: Highlights from his stats: "Weight: Less than Chelsie" Kenny jokes about why there are Disney kids on every season and asks, "Is there some kind of tie-in with Disney?" and then we see Jerry and then Len in Mickey Mouse ears. Corporate synergy! Gotta love it!

William's stats just list "Perfect" and other strengths, "Likes apples." Random and hilarious. They then show a montage of Cheryl bossing around past partners but melting while looking at William.  Kenny says that William might be the hottest guy to ever appear on the show and after Len says he doesn't know what all the fuss is about, we get to see a video of LEN IN A SPEEDO. It is awesome and disturbing, especially when the baby oil comes out.

And then Chris Brown performs.

Footage from last night: William was shocked by getting 3 10s. Before their paso doble trio, Tom Bergeron borrowed a page from RuPaul and told Cheryl, "Don't ---- it up," while she smacked his behind. Again, love seeing the behind the scenes.  We get more footage of Roshon's adorable grandmothers. Can he dance with them next week?  Oooh, Tom claims what he said to Cheryl is his "traditional words of encouragement." Did Ru get it from Tom? Please let it be so.

William & Cheryl: SAFE 
Roshon & Chelsie: ELIMINATED

Wow, the kid just had NO voting coming in, did he? I mean his scores had him on the top half of the scoreboard last night and he was in the bottom two after votes came in? He needed more grandmothers with speed dial.

More DanceCenter:
Maria: Relationship status is "complicated" because she kisses Derek a lot.  They also talk about her frequent injuries and then show a montage of her terrible laugh, along with footage of a goat and a dolphin! Hee! Then Kenny says she's got a line of products out, including a smoke detector (with the laugh), a car alarm, and a pest control device.

Melissa: "Height: Half-Pint"; "Enjoys rides in ambulances"; "Cries a lot"

Donald: Len talks about his "presence" and "naturalness" and wants Peta to push him more. They review Peta's skimpy, skimpy costumes and then show how Donald likes to fall down a lot.

Tribute to Dick Clark, with some of the original dancers from "American Bandstand" (in the audience, not the routine). This American Bandstand theme instantly transports me back to the Saturday mornings of my youth, even if they're doing it black and white with a sock hop feel. Hey, LOOK! African-American dancers — which was an important part of "Bandstand."

And now a preview of the Las Vegas Dancing with the Stars revue - featuring So You Think You Can Dance alus Dmitry and Anya performing to a slowed-down version of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"

From last night: Maria and Derek endured Len's harsh critiques to both their dances.  Val is shown saying something bleeped in reaction to Len's score to their samba.  Maks is clearly rattled by the rehearsal footage shown in the ballroom directly prior to their dance. Maybe, just maybe, he'll realize that if they have that footage to use of him, he should change his behavior to not give them that ammunition. Before their trio dance, Maks calls Val "the secret weapon." Brotherly love.  After Melissa gets a double kiss from Val and Maks, she asks if "anyone has a cigarette?" Old line, but it works.

Maria & Derek: SAFE (which Tom announces by singing "Hooray for Bollywood" — LOVE HIM).
Melissa & Maks: IN JEOPARDY

It's down to Melissa & Maks or Katherine & Mark to go home.  Katherine really looks like she's about to throw up.  

Melissa & Maks are the second couple of the night to be eliminated. Melissa lives up to her DanceCenter profile by crying buckets. And it's her BIRTHDAY. Man, that kind of stinks.

See you next week for the semi-finals.