Cheryl Burke and William Levy dance during Rock Week on "Dancing with the Stars." CHERYL BURKE, WILLIAM LEVY
Cheryl Burke and William Levy dance during Rock Week on "Dancing with the Stars." CHERYL BURKE, WILLIAM LEVY (Adam Taylor, ABC)

Rock Night was last night, and the leaderboard was shook up. We know Melissa was taken from the hospital and my source for all Hollywood gossip, my dad, reported to me earlier today that he'd heard "concussion." The clip package from last night shows Melissa wacking her head on Maks's leg before being carried to an ambulance and carted off.

Last night, Gavin wore another stupid hat and lots of eyeliner. Melissa wacked her head on Maks's leg as she spun and it appears that may be why he fell on the floor. They are showing this film over and over in slow motion. Aw, bless, it was Gavin that carried Melissa out of the kiss-and-cry area. Melissa is not on stage with Maks to hear the result because of a doctor-ordered rest day. Maks admits that he hurt his arm, but it only helps distract from the pain in his knees, back, etc. Maks points out Gavin's gentlemanly turn in carrying Melissa last night and there's a round of applause.

Melissa and Maks: Safe. Gavin and Karina: Safe. Karina is very happily surprised.

The judges choose Donald and Peta for the first encore dance this season, reprising their "Purple Haze" Paso Doble.

In the clip package from last night, Derek jokes about Maria's multiple injuries. Gladys Knight interacting with Gene Simmons's tongue will haunt me for the rest of my days. Jaleel does a panther imitation while Kym, in the background, sends a silent plea for rescue with her eyes.

Maria and Derek: Safe. Jaleel and Kym: Safe. Kym is somehow very confused by this. Gladys and Tristan: Safe. 

Clip package about what the pros think of their partners. Peta would rather have a good dancer than someone she gets along with. Mark says this is a more competitive season, talking about longer practice hours. Cheryl says the pressure could make you crack. Derek says the standard is so high that he's not saving any tricks for later, but throwing it all at the judges from the beginning. Chelsie talks about the competitive nature of the pros, referencing how many of them have been doing this since they were children.

And now we get Karina Smirnoff and a partner whose name I'm not even able to transcribe, dancing a tango with Gotan Project. I've been meaning to buy their tango album (La Revancha del Tango) for years - it stays in my Amazon shopping cart on a semi-permanent basis. This is a very tricky Argentine tango with all the flips and twists and lifts you'd expect - it's fun to watch pros get to strut their stuff like this.

More clips from last night: Donald and Peta were happy with their scores, and then have a weird backstage interaction with KISS. Roshon is very excited about Len having said "Good job, dawg" which he then says is his "cup of tea." Hee; the kid's funny.

Donald and Peta: Safe. Roshon and Chelsie: In Bottom Two.

We get Carson Kressley previewing the Las Vegas show.  I still wish they'd given him Brooke's spot on DWTS. After the commercial break, there's a number featuring some of the DWTS Las Vegas show, including Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan.  There are plumed headdresses so I wholeheartedly approve of this as a Las Vegas revue.

From last night: Sherri gets a pep talk from Gladys. Len happens to walk in front of Cheryl and WIlliam backstage and says "Don't touch me" and then relents for a hug from Cheryl. They show us the slo-mo replay of Cheryl's foot coming out of her shoe. Such a pro to dance most of the routine with her shoe messed up like that.

Results: Katherine and Mark: Safe.  There must be some sort of problem with the audio on stage because they really didn't hear Tom and Brooke say they were safe. Cheryl and William: Safe.  Sherri and Val: Bottom Two.

I guess we're not getting a bottom two dance-off until next week.  Sherri falls apart during her mike time with Tom. Roshon is a little surprised and sad to be in danger of going home tonight. The judges are disappointed, it seems, that these couples are the bottom two. 

Aaaaaand ... Sherri and Val are going home! I'm honestly surprised it wasn't Roshon, I would've thought Sherri had the bigger fan base between the two of them.  Then again, Sherri had a 21 and Roshon had a 26 last night, and with the way DWTS weights the scores from the judges, 5 points is a BIG deal. What's slightly surprising about these results is that Gladys, with only a 20 last night, has enough fans to keep her not just ahead of Sherri, but also to beat out Roshon with his much higher score. Interesting.

See you next week for more ballroom shenanigans.