'Bachelor' recap, Looking back on the crazy chicks so far

Sean wants one lucky girl to stop and smell the rose.
Sean wants one lucky girl to stop and smell the rose.(ABC)

Seems Sean did a little recapping of his own last night. Sean tells all -- or does he?

We're taken back to day one, when there were 26 crazy chicks fighting for Sean's love, attention and affection (we're now down to the final three).


Before recapping the season and sharing a bit of unseen footage, Sean reminds us that he does not at this point favor one of the girls over another -- he cares for them equally. I'm certain this will change after next week's "intimate overnights."

Will Sean get lucky with one or all of the ladies? Hey, they are all deeply in love with him, remember?


Sean does slip up and tells us that when he asks himself could Catherine be his wife, he hears a resounding yes! I'm calling Catherine to win it, folks.

We see Sean and Des' crazy brother actually get along and have a civilized conversation full of smiles and everything, so it was quite shocking to learn that Sean was blindsided by Nate's complete 180 transformation into psycho man. Sean also let's us know that Nate was indeed a factor for his sister's early demise Monday night.

Not being able to stomach the fact that if he chose Des, he'd forever be the brother-in-law of Nate. Desiree, a casuality of crazy war.

We were told about both Sarah and Selma and what any of us that have been watching already knew -- they both were given the boot because of the passion-less kisses they delivered. I called it when it happened, so no newsflash there Sean.

There was lots of footage of tearful goodbyes and lots of ladies sitting in the back of the limousine with mascara running down their cheeks, completely heartbroken over being sent home. Hey, we don't make the rules and you've all seen the show, that's how it goes down, ladies. Only one can win.

More info about one our faves that was sent packing last week, Leslie M. If only she'd told Sean that she loved him like everyone else did, she'd still be with us, kissing Sean some more. We learned that Leslie shared more lip locks with Sean than any other lady.

And now the moment that we all were waiting for: TIERRA!

So, Sean's seen all of the footage and finally knows the Tierra that we all came to know and hate. His response? "Tierra should have never been allowed on the show." Hey buddy we've been trying to tell you, you just wouldn't listen to any of us.

Details about his horrible time in Montanna, the stress and how difficult this process is and I laugh. How many dudes would like the stress of fab dates with 26 hot chicks, on ABC's dime? Poor baby.

We saw some special moments, some whacky moments, but most of all we got a peek into the next two weeks.

Next week, intimate overnight dates and then we're going to have a proposal. Buckle up, based on the sneak peek, we're in for a few surprises. That's it until next week.

Well, maybe not -- the show ended with a slo-mo, six-pack ab shower scene. Did you think I'd leave that part out?


Ok, that's it, til next week and we're in Thailand with Catherine, Ashlee and Lindsay. Good luck ladies. You'll need it.

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