'America's Next Top Model' recap: 'The Guy Who Closed the Deal in Vegas'

In case you missed the big news, Tyra announced that this season of Top Model is its last. Sad news, I know, but after 12 years of fierceness, it's time to move on. But before it ends for good, our models are still in Vegas, and you know what they say… "What happens in Vegas…"

Which might be why Mikey is trying so hard this episode to have a threesome with Hadassah and Mamé. But he does know this show is being televised, right?


He keeps insisting that Ashley was not his girlfriend, and now that she's gone, he's free to pursue other ladies. In fact. he tells the camera, "I'm behind in my weekly sexual activities." And since he won best photo last episode, he's currently staying in the Tyra Suite.

Obviously, he offers to share the suite with Mamé and Hadassah, and it appears that they take him up on it. Also, there's a mirror on the ceiling. Hello, 1992.


As part of the Tyra Suite, Mikey gets a personalized Tyra Tip. She tells Mikey that he performs much better in photos when he's moving around, and he should tell photographers that he "does well with motion."

Aside from Mikey's sexual pursuits, the other focus of this episode is Hadassah's insecurity. She's really angry about being in the bottom 2 last week, and isn't afraid to make it known.

In fact, she seems to think it's a conspiracy that Lacey keeps winning best photo. She says that Lacey makes the same face in every photo, while Devin backs her up, calling it "favoritism."

Oh, and in case you were wondering, they are, in fact, saying all of this in front of Lacey. No, backstabbing in this house!


The Challenge

For this week's challenge, the models head to Zappo's headquarters to learn more about Zappo's Couture, which the winning model will be promoting as the face of their new campaign.

We find out that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is good friends with Tyra, and now the Zappo connection makes sense. Devin says he's "like Steve Jobs but for Zappos." Oh yeah, Devin? Thank you for that.

At Zappos HQ, the models will be participating in a salon style runway challenge. Kelly Cutrone calls this 1950s way of modeling, "the next evolution of fashion."

The models have to have engaging facial expressions, but should not make eye contact, as they wander about the room showing off their Zappos outfits.

While waiting for everything to begin, Hadassah actually confronts Kelly Cutrone about how she was in the bottom last week, and I start cringing.

Kelly simply says, "You have to suck it up, seriously. Get over it, it's super fair."

But then Hadassah mentions that she thinks everyone favors Lacey, and I can't even look at the screen anymore, I'm so embarrassed for Hadassah.

Kelly's reply? "Instead of spending your time talking about Lacey, switch [your own style] up." And even Nyle chimes in, saying, "You have to focus on yourself."

Not Hadassah's best moment. But wait, it gets better. *Sarcasm.*

"Everyone's mad because I'm asking questions," she tells the camera. Then, this somehow segues into, "People didn't like me at school because they thought I was rich."

Hate to break it to you, Hadassah, but they didn't think you were rich. They didn't like you because they thought you were the worst.

As for the actual challenge, the Zappos ladies thought Lacey looked like she was in pain during her runway walk. But they obviously loved Nyle, because who doesn't?

Mamé's shoes were too big, but she still killed it. Hadassah went full beauty queen and did a twirl. Miss J looked appalled. Backstage, Kelly told Devin, "Don't be kooky." But then they put the boy in some crazy floral leggings.

Mamé wins the challenge and is showered with free Zappos Couture. Rivals Lacey and Hadassah wind up on the bottom. Womp.

The Photo Shoot

This week's photo shoot is all about "creative cropping." Basically, the models have to maintain a professional facial expression for a tightly cropped photo, while also participating in a wild Vegas-style party for the zoomed out version of the photo.

Miss J is also participating in the photo shoot, wearing a crazy outfit and expression in the background of everyone's photo, which is the best part of this shoot, if you ask me.

The theme of each photo is a hashtag, which Tyra is super obsessed with this season. I think she just figured out how hashtags work.

Lacey goes first, and I think Hadassah's comments got in her head, because Yu Tsai quickly says Lacey is stagnant during her shoot.

Later, Devin has to pose with a babydoll, and it's a little scary. Then Nyle is in his underwear, and Yu Tsai is sure to get an Oppo phone in the shot. (They toned down the marketing for the Oppo phone this episode, thank goodness.)

For Mamé's shot, Hadassah finally came alive, stealing the shot from Mamé despite being in the background. But, it was a little too late.

After the shoot, back at the hotel, Devin confronts Mikey about making moves on basically all the girls and disrespecting Ashley, who Devin calls his "best friend." They basically start yelling at each other, and despite being a total weirdo, Devin has a point. Someone has to stand up for the ladies.

Later, the models all hit the Strip in a stretch limousine full of alcohol. After one of the models asks 18-year-old Lacey if she'd like a glass of water, Mikey declares he's getting drunk "because that's the only way to suggest a threesome."

Back at the hotel, Devin is still mad at Mikey, and Mikey says "Devin gets jealous like a female."

I have to admit, I was tempted to turn the show off after that comment.

Then, in an effort to get in Mikey's pants, Hadassah tells him that Ashley sucks. (Good try, H.) Mikey, suddenly super aware of the cameras, tells her not to talk badly about Ashley. And Mikey's chances at sex go right out the window.

The Judges' Panel

Back in front of the judges, the models get to see their final photos. Kelly Cutrone calls Devin an "alien outer space freakshow," because once again his eyebrows went crazy in his photo. Devin says that it's his bone structure, and his eyebrows just go that way. Mmkay.

But Kelly goes after Devin some more, saying he's a "one trick pony" and that he should take it down a notch. Poor Devin, the show's only champion for respecting women.

They tell Mamé that her closeup is one of her prettiest shots, and Tyra feels a need to address the fact that Hadassah came alive (for once) in Mamé's shot. Too bad it couldn't work in her favor.

Mama gets best photo of the week, but only because her challenge score put her over the top. Tyra thought Mikey actually had the best photo.

Hadassah and Lacey are in the bottom 2. (Bet you didn't see that one coming!) But Hadassah (finally) goes home. Her one regret? That she didn't get to hang out with Mikey more.

Next week, the models create their own brands to sell Shark Tank-style to the judges, and Mikey turns his attention to Mamé.