'America's Got Talent' recap: Spencer Horsman doesn't make the cut

'America's Got Talent' recap: Spencer Horsman doesn't make the cut
Baltimore escape artist Spencer Horsman didn't advance to the next round on "America's Got Talent." (NBC)

Spencer Horsman escaped from a straightjacket and a cube filled with water on this season of "America's Got Talent," but the Baltimore magician didn't make the cut on last night's results episode.

America cast its votes, and Horsman was voted off the show — but he had hopes of returning in another round.

"Maybe I'll see you in a few weeks as the wildcard," Horsman said.

Horsman was one of seven contenders voted off the show by the American public. Last night, host Nick Cannon asked "rock star" juggler Mike Price, comedian Jacob Williams and balancer Cristin Sandu to join him onstage to hear their fates.

Williams was the winner of this round, which made sense. Even though Mike and Cristin have pretty impressive talents, they both flubbed their last performance; Mike dropped a club and Cristin fell over.

After the break, we got a treat: Ashleigh Butler and her dancing dog Pudsey, the winners of "Britain's Got Talent." Their number was cheesy, corny, cutesy — and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The next group to join Nick onstage was made of Lightwire Theater, Inspire the Fire (a glee club) and All Beef Patty (drag queen). The ones moving on are — you guessed it — Lightwire Theater. They got the most positive remarks from the judges, and for good reason.

Then Cannon called up breakdancer Elusive, Latin dance group The Untouchables and singer Jake Wesley Rogers. And the winner is ... The Untouchables! Yay! Elusive just wasn't different enough and Jake's pillow-y hair scares me.

After a performance from Havana Brown, the last three acts went onstage: All Wheel Sports, Wordspit and the Illest (band) and Spencer Horsman. America voted and Horsman didn't make it.

Then from All Wheel Sports and Wordspit, the judges chose who stayed. Wordspit got Howard's vote. Howie went for All Wheel Sports because they're "better marketed." It came down to Sharon, who voted for All Wheel Sports.

I can't say I'm not disappointed, but that's showbiz. Next week, even more hopefuls will perform for our votes.